Power System Analysis - Stevenson, Grainger

Power System Analysis - Stevenson, Grainger

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McGraw-Hill Series in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Senior Consulting Editor Stephen W. Director, Carnegie-Mellon University

Circuits and Systems

Communications and Signal Processing Computer Engineering Control Theory Electromagnetics Electronics and VLSI Circuits Introductory

Power 1GX蝘?9Ł ED 襂cG-l Radar and Ant$mnnas

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Power and Energy

Senior Consulting Editor Stephen W. Director, Carnegie-Mellon University

Chapman: Electric Machinery Fundamentals Elgerd: Electric Energy Systems Theory Fitzgerald, Kingsley, and Umans: E/Œ$mc@%9�IcD¢Machinery Gonen: Electric Power Distribution System Engineering Grainger and Stevenson: Power System Analysis Krause and Wasynczuk: Electromechanical M6!@&,I6!3ªD¢Devices

Stevenson: Elements o%‹D¢Power SC<@%$m1,¢Analysis

Al&%Q)•a(I 褣tab#ue+•f% V퐫•McG% º(l-H!訣v#w+• Sc |a’ 툀︦쀫•O’æ’{#q!蜤脟X•Se%ı!蘟X+•!蘤脫•Electronics &D¢Electrical Engineering

Most outlines include basic theory, definitions and hundreds oD ` example problems solved in step-by-step detail, and s ‹g陧鑘�XZ Y‘驻61Dn9 g镭 j3.葂Z ł with 1D‘魳øwB[m œ.

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B1CsıQ혷2#1B{2JœBVZª1B{3Q픷2 %«or Electricity & Electronics DQG+—{.1@Xz %+mÆQ텠霷1퉧鉘yBSs `

EXtBQ7.*m�7.Circliits EXkBH7(&m�7)#1=7)øQ‘鑂Isº & Electromt'c/zallics Electric %)eawB@m힃System,\ Eleclrolnagllclics #kXu7./,Xv"OXvXwQ7.CQ챭 .“Q˝{+s ` EX{BTCX|m gX}X~Q팷1Commllnic(I{ion EXxBR70-n"‘陑71D6W"1<sØ & Cirelli/s Eleccronics TecIII IO/OJ:,T)' Ellgilleering Ecol/omics FCI'dhuck & Conrrol Systems

Ill/roell/Clioll 10&oDQ흇,�蔱E! &£ysß{7B\Z ﲃ` AD �3 lg靭Ł<J746ﵳ﹥km F"+", ‘锷,1?{_7,nXo #la&o"*s `

Sc(蔛 ¶1(<D¢S6dŁBW$k }D¢P9�d Ø$l1)D¢B6 6dc˘D¢

E196﵊ title Q¿‘醃this series Q쁳 a&o7-'fZÆg酘sBP{)BO 18‘鄹 BDxg轂Em�% sŒec~¤m�'F edDæ solved problems with solutions worked out in s 4BWg錉c3--'-&¢Xz5%- 9 M{’;XpQ¨Xr.

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2000 Solved Problems in Electromagnc(ics 2000 Solved Problems in Electronics 3000 Solved Problems )F1酄¢L)G1鈡<a7–D¢A-¿G?ebm?aD¢ 2000 Solved Problems Q�鲃$:'Z Km�7*>Xm A‘鴱FX蚂ksq�テ` 3000 Solved Problems in Physics

Available 1A{/ Z hsæ{0 c%Is#re /b•3-iehR 1ehmªBUs _ or for 16 c%LQ:,팥T#re’|e+•list eiD ` {’Q쥻(XqBNs and g遭�7-L:s wm�쁻$BA to: Schaum Division McGraw-Hill, Inc.

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J%Cl){$缫•J.+• G% Ø!蔤缠.Q •

P9휶?%«$j<<6c휅3'D¢Department of EleClrica/ and Compl/{er Engineering .Yonh larolina S{o{e Uniccrsi{y

WUliam D.+• S’ze(IV耦¿%I耇:+•J% ¶+•

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Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data

Grainger, John J

Power system analysis / John J. Grainger, William D. Stevenson. p. cm. Based on: Elements of power system anaX_ysi<?by (ﵑ·XaXaQ딱O D. Stevenson.

Includes index. ISBN 0-07-061293-5+• 1.+•Electric power d,@s@6,AbA·t,Ao3?2. Electric power systems. I. Stevenson, (?,Bl/�@1N D. "@. Stevenson, (ﱑ‡X_X‘Q‡1N D. Elements of power system an1-Xbys,As"C"D. ’eQ–{1^B..

TK3001.G73 1994 621.319-dc20 93-39219

(j 5‘覃e\m9ÆB5mQ„‘襇){2 •sÆ {3‚{2dB5, use ")&鼜阤80-07-113338-0 %’n.129 Q뀓첃Singapore


W,>/��=a1(¢D.D¢Stevenson, Jr. 1912-1988+• True friend and colleague

John J. G9a,.3—&…$S9D¢is Profe<•so!M&oof EXLectr,?5~/蕘K a3 sD¢CeQZ퍧譾鱻('B뺃Engineering at North Carolina State Unversity.He ,#<“D¢aD¢graduate of z﵊ .;'\atio‘Za/푄¢University of Ireland and re6?$Bi$‡e9풃his M.S.E.E. 16q9�P y+鬕:.+•'de .æee&븫•11ø @Bz$H'D¢L:"nivcrsity of Wisconsin Madison.

Dm¶. Graing$Tr is zjŁB.founding Director of z﹊ .Electri6 Power R$\<”$]a9˝c(腄¢ C$Q3@?e9D¢(I@U¢N6R@d葄¢Ca96B혬13퐅6/흄¢State ’ xQ£vB!ms퍑⁄{-e. a&ojoint uni\'er�ity/industry coopera

@a2BU$XD¢9$Y<‚$Za9c(聄¢center in B8VB9 bQꀶ g襥OwB5» sys챻(6퉳 B#‘zG"¥‘{B$B%mQƒ‘|G'Z He XJA?ads the C$W3퍀aW9준<•D¢major research g豭eUFュ1#Z흳풃in {.1$‘w��'s��“eX‘y1%‘y�distribution s—ys텻+E푳튃` planning, design, (}uto01ation, 11l9횃conzÆ!Hol a!Nea"•.&oa"‚&oBß$U/픯푄¢a"¶&opower system dynamics_

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