satan's music

satan's music

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ROCK N’ ROLL Satan’s Music!

Satan's Music

"It is better to hear the rebuke of the wise, than for a man to hear the song of fools." -Ecclesiastes 7:5

Satanic Quotes by Rock Musicians

Imagine (John Lennon's unrealistic fantasy. Also, comments about McCartney's Satanic album cover...RAM)

The Satanic Roots of Rock by Donald Phau

Carlos Santana and Demonism!

Ozzy Osbourne EXPOSED!

Oz zy Osbourne: The Rest of the Story (One of today's hottest celebrities is Ozzy Osbourne. MTV's reality program on The Osbournes is currently the most watched cable program on TV. The Osbournes even won an Emmy for best Reality program.

The Demonic Led Zeppelin

(Guitarist Jimmy Page of Zeppelin is a devout follower of Satanist, Aleister Crowley, who proclaimed himself as "The Beast 6." In 1971, guitarist Jimmy Page bought Crowley’s Boleskine House on the shore of Loch Ness where Crowley practiced his Hellish, Satanic sex-magick rituals, including human sacrifices.)

Dolly Parton Sings Led Zeppelin!

Johnny Cash Sings Danzig!

Rock Music is the Devil's Advocate

So-called "Christian" Group "DC Talk"

Ozzy is now the darling of the media and Hollywood. Even the President of the United States has recently honored Ozzy. But there's more to Ozzy Osbourne than most people know. Much more. Here is "the rest of the story" about Ozzy Osbourne).

Order "Hell's Bells" Video (Journey through the dark side of rock as Hell's Bells unmasks the message behind the music. There you will look squarely into the face of something beyond the human potential - the spiritual power of rock and roll.)

Hell's Bells Transcript: Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

Perverted Teen Idols (If you think Ozzy or Marilyn Manson are the only threats to your child, think again.)

The Sickening Truth About Marilyn Manson

The Creepy Marilyn Manson

The Men Who Rejected Jesus Christ

Is Marilyn Manson to Blame for the Columbine Killings?

The Blasphemous Music of Harvey Danger

Music - The Beat of Society

Rock And Roll Music Moves People ("Rockers" tell like it is.)

Christian Rock: Questions and Answers

Rock Music and 6 (Rock music for years has propagated 6 — The Mark of the Beast. Here's the proof.)

Gotee Records (co-founded by Toby McKeehan of dc Talk) re-releases Godspell. (For the first time ever, a "Christian" company is distributing Godspell. Godspell claims to be based on the Gospel according to Matthew — but is it?)

Michael W. Smith's song is disqualified from the Dove Awards! (Find out why the Gospel Music Association (GMA) disqualified Smith's song "Love Me Good" from the song-of-the-year nomination. This one is a shocker!)

Premature Death of Rock Stars (A detailed list of over 300 rock star's death. Includes summary of causes. The Average Age at Death of Americans is 75.8 years. The Average Age at Death of a rock star is only 36.9 years. Very interesting.)

Rock Music Resources

Freddie Mercury (lead singer of Queen) Dies at 45 of AIDS (Read the sad testimony about Freddie's reckless life of sodomy, fornication, illegal drugs and materialism. He died in London in his $4,0,0 home in 1991. He carried none of his wealth beyond the grave. He had such a beautiful voice, but used his talents for the devil. How sad! How tragic! Where is Freddie Mercury now? Hell!)

The Nature of Rock Music and the Future of CCM (Carnal "Christian" Music)

Rock Music and 6 Christian or Satanic?

"I'd Prefer The Devil"

Christian Rock, Blessing or Blasphemy?

Rock Music Kills!

Christian Rock: Blessing or Blasphemy (updated with more artists, more pictures and now with RealAudio music clips. Some of this stuff you've just got to see and hear to believe it!)


Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music?

CCM artist Steve Camp "nails" CCM. (CCM artist Steve Camp calls for reformation in the CCM Industry. Camp lists the compromise, Satanic infiltration and perversion in CCM.)

Elvis or Evils?

Beatles Named "Icons of Century" (Sadly, they were icons of rebellion and immorality)

Hell Inside the Earth (This is where the religion of immoral sex, substance abuse, and Devilish music will take you!)

Patricia (Kennealy) Morrison of the Doors was a Wiccan Witch!

Neko Case sings, "It's the Devil I love"

Madonna Worships Satan!

Rock Music And Mice

The Rolling Stones and Satanism

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