Engenharia Civil

Engenharia Civil

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New Directions in Civil Engineering

Series Editor

W. F. CHEN Hawaii University

Published Titles

Advanced Analysis of Steel Frames: Theory, Software, and Applications W.F. Chen and Shouji Toma

Analysis and Software of Cylindrical Members W.F. Chen and Shouji Toma

Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems for Engineers C.S. Krishnamoorthy and S. Rajeev

The Civil Engineering Hanbook, Second Edtion W.F. Chen and J.Y. Richard Liew

Cold Weather Concreting Boris A. Krylov

Concrete Beams with Openings: Analysis and Design M.A. Mansur and Kiang-Hwee Tan

Concrete Buildings: Analysis for Safe Construction W.F. Chen and K.H. Mosallam

Earthquake Engineering Handbook W.F. Chen and Charles Scawthorn

The Finite Strip Method Y.K. Cheung and L.G. Tham

Flexural-Torsional Buckling of Structures N.S. Trahair

Flood Frequency Analysis Ramachandro A. Rao and Khaled Hamed

Fracture Processes of Concrete Jan G.M. van Mier

Fracture and Size Effect in Concrete and Other Quasibrittle Materials Zdenek P. Bazant and Jaime Planas

Introduction to Environmental Geotechnology Hsai-Yang Fang

Limit Analysis and Concrete Plasticity M.P. Nielsen

LRFD Steel Design Using Advanced Analysis W.F. Chen and Seung-Eock Kim

Response Spectrum Method in Seismic Analysis and Design of Structures Ajaya Kumar Gupta

Simulation-Based Reliability Assessment for Structural Engineers Pavel Marek, Milan Gustar, and Thalia Anagnos

Stability Design of Steel Frames W.F. Chen and E.M. Lui

Stability and Ductility of Steel Structures under Cyclic Loading Yuhshi Fukumoto and George C. Lee

Theory of Adaptive Structures: Incorporating Intelligence into

Engineered Products Senol Utku

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Published Titles (Continued)

Unified Theory of Reinforced Concrete Thomas T.C. Hsu

Water Treatment Processes: Simple Options S. Vigneswaran and C. Visvanathan

Forthcoming Titles

Transportation Systems Planning: Methods and Applications Konstandinos Goulias

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The civil engineering handbook / edited by W.F. Chen and J.Y. Richard Liew.

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