Catálogo Peças Honda XR-250

Catálogo Peças Honda XR-250

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When the parts were revised

Be sure to check the serial number!!

The number has been used fromthe initial model without revision.When shown at the left side, it is applicable to the models of

No. 2351160 and the subsequent numbers.

When shown at the right side, it is applicable to the models up to No. 2351159.

Abbreviations used in the parts catalogue

RIGHT is abbreviated as “R.”“L.” stands for LEFT

Models, area codes and applicable serial Nos. given in this parts catalogue can be identified as follows. Parts with area codes are exclusive for models destined for countries designated. If no area codes are listed, parts are for common use.

* Of carburetor identification numbers, only the portions underlined in the example below are used for registration. • Note: According to Project of Production.

Selection table for lock or blank key Refer to the following selection table to select the lock or blank key.

*: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9

TypeKey No. 1A**, B**

Area Applicable Applicable Applicable

Model code Type engine frame carburetor serial No.serial No.identification No.

XR250BRBrasilMC34E~9C2MD3400VEA1A A 2000001~2R000001 ~

1LA Brazil •• VEA1A AXR250

2LA Brazil ••

How to check the part block and serial numbersModels, area codes and applicable serial numbers

c b

Construction of vehicle identification number (V.I.N) 1996 ~

Sequencial Production number

AOhio U.S.A
BAlost Bélgica
CSaitama Japão
DGuadalajara México
EMontesa Espanha
FAtessa Itália
KKumamoto Japão
MHamamatsu Japão
RManaus Brasil
SSusuka Japão
TTochigi Japão
4Carolina do Sul U.S.A

Plant representation

Example: K1989 L....1990 M....1991 N....1992 X....1999 (Exceto I.O Q.U) Y....2000 1....2001
22002 3....2003 4....2004 5....2005 6....2006 7....2007 8....2008 9....2009

Model year

Version Check Digit

Version Specification

Exemplo: PE04XR600R RC30....VFR750R

Vehicle description code

JH2HONDA, Motorcycle (Manufatured in JAPAN)
1HFHONDA, Motorcycle (Manufatured in U.S.A.)
YC1HONDA, Motorcycle (Manufatured in BELGIUM)
9C2HONDA, Motorcycle (Manufatured in BRAZIL)
3H1HONDA, Motorcycle (Manufatured in MEXICO)
VTMHONDA, Motorcycle (Manufatured in SPAIN)
ZDCHONDA, Motorcycle (Manufatured in ITALY)
JH3HONDA, All terrain vehicle (Manufatured in JAPAN)

Make and Type of code 478......HONDA, All terrain vehicle (Manufatured in U.S.A.)

• When ordering a colored part, refer to the chart below and use a part number consisting of the relevant basic part number to which has been added a part color code.


Model XR250

Ross Maceió Storm Color White Red Blue Aplicable model

Aplicable Ref.No. NH-196 R-206 PB-319R block

No. Code Initial Final No.

NH-196 R-206 PB-319 aplicable aplicable Name of colored partsBasic part No.modelmodel

1 Body Comp., Frame 50100-KPE-900 ZA ZA ZA C-28 1 2 Case Set Headlight 61300-KPE-900 ZD ZF ZE C-1 9 3 Case, Headlight 61302-KPE-900 ZD ZD ZD C-1 10 4Cover, L. FR .Side83601-KPE-900ZAZAZAC-155 5Cover, R. FR .Side83501-KPE-900ZAZAZAC-152 6Fender Set, RR80100-KPE-900ZDZFZEC-233 7 Fender FR 61100-KPE-900 ZA ZC ZD C-7 1 8 Holder, Upper 95014-22200ZB ZB ZB ZB C-5 9 9 Mark, HONDA 61310-KPE-900 ZA ZA ZB C-32 1 10Mark, L. Upper Shroud87126-KPE-900ZAZBZCC-323 11Mark, L. Under Shroud87128-KPE-900ZAZBZCC-325 12Mark, R. Upper Shroud87125-KPE-900ZAZBZCC-322 13Mark, R. Under Shroud87127-KPE-900ZAZBZCC-324 14 Mark, Side Cover 87130-KPE-900 ZA ZB ZC C-32 6 15 Panel Comp., R.Brake 43100-KPF-900 ZB ZB ZB C-1 2 16 Pipe Comp., Skid 50360-KPE-900 ZB ZB ZB C-28 3 17 Seat Comp., Double 77200-KPE-900 ZA ZA ZA C-14 1 18 Shroud Set, L 19200-KPE-900 ZA ZB ZC C-13 16 19 Shroud Set, R 19100-KPE-900 ZA ZB ZC C-13 15 20Side Cover Set L.83605-KPE-900ZDZFZEC-156 21Side Cover Set R83505-KPE-900ZDZFZEC-153 2 Tank Comp., Fuel 17510-KPE-900 ZB ZB ZB C-13 7

Color chart

•The standard part fuel hose, general purpose hose and vinyl hose may be substituted by the coiled bulk part.

•When ordering the standard part fuel hose, general purpose hose and vinyl hose use the bulk part number written in the parts catalog in brackets ( ) underneath the part name, or use the catalog below. (The bulk part standard length is 1 m, however, those displayed in the catalog < > are avaliable in 3 m and 8 m length).

•When exchanging the hose, cut and use at the specified length as mentioned in the part name. (For the method of cutting the bulk part, and method of filling out orders etc., please refer to the service manual and the instructions issued with the bulk part.)

•The list below is a catalog of the standard part numbers and bulk part numbers. Note that those number are applicable to the listed replacement parts only.

It is DANGEROUS to confuse fuel hose with the general purpose hose or vinyl hose. Never use a general purpose hose or vinyl hose in place of a fuel hose or vice versa. Always use the correct bulk part in the parts catalogue, according to the service manual or the instructions issued with the bulk part.

Fuel hose, general purpose hoses and vinyl hose

Fuel hose Bulk part

Standard partBulk partInside

Lengthnumber number diameter (m) (m)

95001-30XXX-2X 95001-30001-20M 3.0 1 95001-30XXX-3X 95001-30001-30M 3.0 1 9500-30XXX-4X 95001-30001-40M 3.0 1

95001-35XXX-2X 95001-35001-50M 3.5 1 95001-35XXX-5X <95001-35003-50M> 3.5 3

95001-35XXX-3X 95001-35001-60M 3.5 1 95001-35XXX-4X <95001-35003-60M> 3.5 3 95001-35XXX-6X

95001-45XXX-2X 95001-45001-50M 4.5 1 95001-45XXX-5X <95001-45003-50M> 4.5 3

95001-45XXX-3X 95001-45001-60M 4.5 1 95001-45XXX-4X <95001-45003-60M> 4.5 3 95001-45XXX-6X <95001-45008-60M> 4.5 8

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