1500 questoes ingles concursos militares jefferson celestino

1500 questoes ingles concursos militares jefferson celestino

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09 | ESPCEX 9 Choose the correct alternative:

A: Brrr. Who turned up the air conditioner? It’s really cold in here. My nose and my fingers are cold. B: I _ you a hot cup of tea. A: Thanks. That sounds good.

a) will bring b) won’t bring c) will not break d) will break e) won’t break

100 | JFS 2008 Read the following sentence:

They're going to have a baby in the spring. – It expresses something that:

a) is not probable to take place. b) is not being planned or expected. c) suddenly happens. d) is certain or expected to happen. e) will not happen without planning.

101 | UNESP 1993 Assinale a alternativa correta:

I did not think she _ come.

a) was b) were c) would d) don't e) doesn't

102 | FEI 1995 Em "If there were no cracks glass would be stronger than steel", a forma verbal "would be" significa:

a) será. b) foi. c) seria. d) teria sido. e) é.

103 | PUCPR 1996 If I won a lottery I _ around the world.

a) travel b) traveled c) will travel d) would travel e) am traveling

104 | FUVEST 1997 Considere a imagem a seguir:

– Qual seria o correspondente, no passado, de "if I ever catch" and "I'l wash"? a) If I ever were to catch – I'l wash b) If I ever caught – I'd wash c) If I ever would catch – I washed d) If I ever caught – I'd have washed e) If I had ever caught – I would wash

105 | UFSM 2003 If people were honest, they _ buy fake products.

a) would b) did c) won't d) wouldn't e) don't

106 | UFRS 2005 – ADAPTED In "If not for a girl named Kitty Wu, I probably would have starved to death", the form would have starved indicates a:

a) habit long acquired. b) condition in the future. c) permission granted. d) possibility in the past. e) obligation in the present.

107 | UEL 1994 Life is so dull! I _ anything interesting happen to me in ages! a) had b) have not c) have had d) don't have e) haven't had

Professor Jefferson Celestino da Costa

108 | FUVEST 1977 Qual destas sentenças está correta? a) I don't have never taken a course in Japanese. b) I have never taken a course in Japanese. c) I never didn't take a course in Japanese still. d) I ever did not take a course in Japanese. e) I took not a course in Japanese ever.

109 | FUVEST 1977 Indique a resposta certa para "Has he heard the news?" utilizando "no":

a) No, I didn't. b) No, I haven't heard the news. c) No, he hasn't. d) No, I haven't. e) No, you haven't.

110 | FUVEST 1979 Assinale a alternativa que preenche corretamente a lacuna:

Have you _ the correct alternative? a) choose b) chase c) choosed d) chose e) chosen

1 | UNESP 1991 Assinale a alternativa que preenche corretamente as lacunas da frase a seguir:

He _ learning English five years ago but he _ it yet.

a) has started – does not learn b) started – has not learned c) has started – learn d) started – have not learned e) have started – did not learn

112 | FGV 1995 – ADAPTED Black Nigerian students have, on average _ consistently better academically than their white European classmates.

– Assinale a letra correspondente à alternativa que preenche corretamente a lacuna do texto:

a) did b) does c) do d) done e) doing

113 | FGV 1995 – ADAPTED Brutal competition from the Third World and the Soviet block has stalled the developed nations.

– No texto, a melhor tradução para HAS STALLED é:

a) tem incentivado. b) aqueceu. c) crescer. d) tem assustado. e) parou.

114 | PUCCAMP 1992 Assinale a letra correspondente à alternativa que preenche corretamente as lacunas da frase apresentada:

Sandy: Hi, Jack. Jack: Hi, Sandy. Sandy: Gosh! I _ you for ages! Jack: That's true. I _ from a trip to Japan just yesterday.

a) saw – am returning b) saw – returned c) have seen – have returned d) haven't seen – returned e) haven't seen – have returned

115 | ITA 2003 – ADAPTED If all my relatives suddenly died and all my friendships dried up and all of my subscriptions were cancelled and all of my bills were paid, I _ (I) guaranteed mail – two pieces a week, by my estimation – for the credit card companies _ (I) me.

– Assinale a opção que poderia preencher respectiva e corretamente as lacunas I e I do texto apresentado:

a) would still be – would still want b) will still be – will still want c) would still have been – would still have wanted d) still am – still want e) may still be – may still want

116 | UNESP 1984 Assinale a alternativa correta:

a) I live here since 1970. b) I have lived here since 1970. c) I am living here since 1970. d) I will live here since 1970. e) I would live here since 1970.

Professor Jefferson Celestino da Costa

a) hasn't come b) haven't come c) didn't come d) doesn't come e) hadn't come

which many jobs

118 | CESGRANRIO 1993 In only a short time, the computer _ the way in a) had changed – do b) changed – have done c) has changed – are done d) are changing – were done e) will change – have been doing

119 | UNIRIO 1996 A forma verbal has arrived em "Yes, the future has arrived: a movie theater at home, thanks to laser" traduz-se por:

a) está chegando. b) tem chegado. c) chegará. d) chegou. e) chega.

120 | ITA 1998 A frase "I never came across such a set in all my life" foi extraída de "Three Men in a Boat", escrito por Jerome K. Jerome em 1889.

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