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NX software from Siemens PLM Software delivers leading-edge tools that help companies differentiate products through styling and innovation.

NX Industrial Design and Styling

When design matters most w.siemens.com/plmSiemens PLM Software

Design is the key differentiator in most of today’s industries. Consumer products,high-tech electronics, furniture, medical devices,footwear,automobiles, you name it – industrial design and styling make the difference as companies compete for increased market share.

Design is more than just aesthetics. It goes much further.Design is about innovation.Good design is a well thought out combination and balance of form, fit and function.It ultimately must leave customers with a positive experience,each and every time they use a product.

The market has become more demanding of manufacturers. Customers are more and more educated about product offerings and their providers,expecting variety, high quality, reasonable pricing, timely delivery and exceptional service.

By making your products more desirable to the customer,distinctive design and styling can help attain top-line business benefits of greater market share and leadership revenues.More than an attractive face, good design is also functional and manufacturable and can have profound impact on development and support costs. The best designs balance aesthetics and ergonomics with the product’s performance,quality,cost,materials, methods of manufacture and other considerations.

Industrial design and styling must also be thoroughly integrated with the product engineering effort – not only to shorten overall development time,but also to ensure that the aesthetic and ergonomic design intent is preserved as the product goes from concept through manufacturing.

When design matters most

NX is driven by the needs of industrial designers, whose innovation and creativity serve as the springboard for inspired new products. At the same time, NX synchronizes the form, fit and function efforts of designers with all the other disciplines involved in the concept-tomarket process.

Maintain design integrity Flexible, idea-sparking tools reside atop a practical platform that maintains data integrity downstream through data associativity. Designers have all the tools they need to explore shape and style while the system ensures a seamless transition into engineering, simulation and manufacturing.The benefits of saving time and money are immediately apparent when compared to traditional methods, where industrial design efforts frequently get lost or compromised in data translation.

Freedom,speed and creativity The strategic processes that thrive on freedom, speed and creativity are meshed with the tactical processes that enable production, assure quality and generate revenue. NX is the first complete solution that does more than just bring these processes together. It allows them to be integrated from beginning to end with no disconnects.

Powerful shape definition NX advanced modeling, analysis and visualization capabilities give designers the freedom to turn product concepts into production models.Whether the idea is expressed in a simple sketch, a foam or clay model,NX provides the tools necessary for the creation of the highest quality surfaces.With its easy to learn and use interface, users with or without experience can become productive in no time. NX’s flexible architecture and unique toolset ensures that the most suitable tool is used for the design task at hand. This creates the production model not only better, but also faster.

Integrated product development With a fully integrated industrial design and styling solution in the NX portfolio of products, users can take advantage of an even bigger toolset of modeling, assembly,simulation,manufacturing and product lifecycle management functionality.The combined strengths of these tools deliver the most complete industrial design and advanced surfacing solution available.

NX Industrial Design and Styling helps companies create innovative products with speed and flexibility. As part of a comprehensive product development solution, the tools preserve design integrity through engineering and manufacturing.

Images courtesy X-Form Industrial Design

Industrial design

Image courtesy LG Electronics

NX provides the freedom and accuracy designers need to explore shapes and what-if styling in the modeling phase. By seamlessly combining surface and solid modeling, as well as giving the designer access to traditional CAD tools, NX provides a completely new kind of industrial design and styling solution. At the same time, the easy-to-use toolbox promotes creativity and fosters innovation. These flexible tools, from drag-and-drop templates to dynamic construction, enable fast, easy creation and evaluation of design alternatives while providing real-time visual feedback. And there’s no worry about changes or iterations. Associativity ensures that the design intent is preserved every time a change occurs, without getting in the way of the designer.

More modeling options NX is not like any of the traditional systems on the market. NX promotes the philosophy that one modeling approach is not enough when it comes to complex design tasks. For example, the designer may begin modeling by using standard parametric design techniques that employ curve-driven geometry.Then, when creating contours and integrating ergonomics, the designer can use free form techniques. Or the designer could begin modeling without precise definitions, adding geometric constraints later. Construction geometry and style details can be rapidly generated by the dynamic mapping of 3D curves onto free form shapes. Or surfaces can be constructed using pre-set combinations of section and guide curves, with the designer monitoring impact as it occurs.

Accelerating downstream development All model data is directly available for downstream development. And fully associative product data ensures that any changes are automatically updated in related applications such as engineering design, assembly, drafting, simulation and manufacturing.

With NX you can go from concept to production in a single system.

Any input No design starts with an empty screen.Whether it is an idea captured in a sketch, 2D or 3D digital information or even a fully detailed physical model, anything can serve as a starting point in NX. Designers can take these concepts and quickly capture design intent. Using the most sophisticated curve and surface modeling tools, designers can stay as true to the original as they need to be and be as free as they want to be.

A complete and unique toolset Industrial design is more than an organic surface model. Today’s sophisticated designs require flexible tools with precise control when needed, in 2D as well as 3D.This means 2D and 3D curve modeling tools, surface blending and modeling with the highest degree of control over shape and connectivity, filleting and draft angles and solid stitching. NX provides all that, plus unique tools that speed up the design process dramatically by delivering consistent, predictable results. These include a tool that mimics traditional “clay-sweeping,” fully associative with multiple section and touch curves and tools for creating “suitcase” corners, again fully associative and with multiple controls. These tools and more make NX one of the most powerful solutions available for industrial design.

Precision control and design tweaks Turning an idea into a 3D digital model is fairly simple, but refining it until the designers are completely satisfied is endless. NX doesn’t limit designers to a few methods for tweaking the design.Whether the defining curves need a tug or surfaces need a tweak or a parameter needs to be changed, all tools seamlessly complement each other.

Exploring various transition types from one area of the design to another can be done in real time, allowing the designer to decide immediately what is desired.Best of all,the entire model is associative, so nothing gets lost once it's created and established – no matter where you are in the process, no matter how big or frequent the change.

Award winning design with NX

AlloyTotal Product Design (UK) used NX industrial design solutions to develop the Argus 3 thermal imaging camera for e2v technologies.

Argus 3 is a revolutionary firefighting and rescue tool hosting several unique new features within a radical camera body.The product sets new standards for performance, durability, flexibility and ergonomic design. It also functions as a maintenance and engineering instrument, monitoring motors, pipe work and distribution panels for potentially hazardous hotspots.The product withstands heat, water and impact and is composed of materials chosen for their strength and durability.

The design won a Design Distinction award in I.D. Magazine’s 2003 Annual Design Review.

PROVEN RESULTS AlloyTotal Product Design for e2v


A picture is worth more than a thousand words – seeing what the real thing will look like is a crucial part of the product development process. Designers must explore shape and styling in a typical customer environment, making informed decisions regarding such issues as materials and finish, and they want to do it quickly and accurately. Marketing and sales desire to review conceptual images early to determine product appeal and to establish promotional strategies. Creating a digital image is very important, but it has to be good – and fast.

Realistic imaging with speed and accuracy NX delivers advanced real-time imaging and sophisticated, photorealistic rendering capabilities for everyone involved in the product development process. It offers speed and accuracy of detail – designs can be rapidly visualized with the designers assigning materials and textures, setting scenes and lighting and choosing special effects. To extend the power of rendering in NX, Siemens provides direct access to true materials libraries from manufacturers such as Moldtech, Corian and others.

Visualization throughout the process The real-time rendering capabilities can be used for detailed design reviews, as well as for previewing high-quality, photorealistic digital images. To bring these static images to life, NX also delivers tools for setting up and capturing animations. And, because NX is a completely integrated digital product development environment, rendering and animation can be used almost everywhere in the overall product development process – to capture form,fit and function.

Real-time rendering Designers want to get a feeling for their designs as soon as the first idea is captured in 3D.Visualizing it with some colors, textures, materials,under some lights,in a suitable environment,with shadows falling onto the model as well as the ground, is a great way of doing it. And who wants to sit and wait for the image to generate? It needs to be dynamic and whether you rotate the model, change the light, the environment, the color, the materials, you want this to be dynamic and interactive. NX allows designers to do just that.With its simple drag-and-drop user interface the entire scene can be set up and modified in real time.You don’t like the color? Change it.You don’t like the texture or material? Grab another one and see the effect.

Image courtesy Lightwork Design

NX quickly and simply applies realistic materials and textures -- simply drag and drop desired materials from palette catalogs.

Real materials Remember how hard it used to be to define the material that looks like green glass? Or metallic paint for the new car that you just designed?

With NX, you can take advantage of real materials.Whether it is glass, aluminum, wood, Moldtech plastics or Corian, designers have access to thousands of textures, materials and finishes, as defined by the manufacturers, directly from within NX. To apply a material to the model or to swap it out for a new one, is as simple as dragging it off the palette and dropping it onto the target area. And designers still have control over all the defining parameters to change the look of the design to their liking. Finally, with NX there is a tool that allows you to make decisions right on the digital model.

Real motion Animating concepts or final designs can be another very effective way of communicating the designer’s idea to a broader audience. Whether it is a simple showroom animation on a turntable or a more complex camera motion path capturing a fly-by or fly-through, NX provides the tools for the purpose. Since NX is a unified solution set, all rendering and animation capabilities are accessible throughout the entire product. Ever thought about capturing the motion of a digital assembly to communicate function in a real-world environment? With NX, this is just a few mouse clicks away. Recording in MPEG 1or 2, you can easily share ideas, concepts, or final designs throughout the entire enterprise and supply chain and most importantly, with the customer.

NX real-time reflection mapping and shadow casting Award winning design with NX

Formation Design used NX to develop the multiple organ therapy device for Organ Recovery Systems, Inc.The unit provides therapy and diagnostics for human kidneys awaiting transplant.The instrument is intended to increase the number of kidneys available for transplant by offering therapy – through a process of perfusion – to those organs that initially fail to meet transplant criteria.

The design won a silver Industrial Design Excellence Award in 2002 in the Medical and Scientific Equipment category. IDSA judges remarked that the design “transformed clutter into a clean unit.”

PROVEN RESULTS Formation Design Group for Organ Recovery Systems

Automotive styling

The word “stylish” is most often used to describe a unique and distinctive automotive design that through its basic shape or overall impression catches the eye. But behind the eye candy of automotive styling lies an exacting discipline that requires knowledge of the entire design-through-manufacturing process.

Automotive body and interior surface engineers demand the greatest degree of conceptual freedom,yet they are expected to deliver the highest geometric accuracy.

Freedom with precision The organic approach of NX automotive design and styling allows the utmost artistic license while ensuring that surfaces retain continuity. From free form aesthetic styling, to Class A “perfect” modeling, to production tooling development, to interfacing with Tier 1 suppliers – NX is the premier solution for fully unconstrained automotive design with sophisticated 3D surface and solid modeling.

Control and continuity NX enables automotive stylists to remain in control throughout the entire shape definition process, from concept through G3 surfacing and beyond. Stylists can develop complex surface shapes and manipulate and analyze them in real time, getting dynamic feedback as they go. This feedback aids everyone involved in the automotive design process, including engineering and production, while staying informed and focused toward a final design. And flexible modeling, evaluation and visualization capabilities built on an associative database ensure that styling activities are not “thrown over the wall” and misconstrued or mishandled in the development process. This will ensure that, whenever change is necessary, the control remains with the surface engineer. And, none of the design intent will ever get lost, no matter how big the change.

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