SHAFT ALIGNMENT Quick, simple and effective.


Easy-Laser® D450 is a basic system, with the performance and potential for expansion of our more advanced ones, for example D505 and D525. In fact, with the right accessories your D450 system can be converted into any other Easy-Laser® system!

The general idea behind the system is “simplicity for the user”. All parts included in the system are developed for rough use and to be easy to mount on the machines. As a user you are given step-by-step instructions on the display through the entire measurement procedure. Even though the technology inside is rather advanced, the measurement principle is straightforward. It is based on the “reverse indicator method” with two laser/measuring units mounted on each side of the coupling.

System D450 includes two measurement programs: Horizontal shaft alignment and

Softfoot*. The displayed measurement resolution can be set as low as 0.05 mils/thou [0.001 m]. When the measurement is complete you can produce a printout, save in the display unit or transfer the data to your PC.

*The display unit can be expanded with other Easy-Laser® measurement programs. Please see last page.

With this program you can easily check that the machine is standing evenly on all feet. This is a necessary condition for reliable alignment. Following the softfoot check, continue directly to the alignment program, with all machine parameters already entered.

4. Offset, Angular values and Shim and Adjustment values are clearly displayed. Both horizontal and vertical values are shown “live”, which makes it easy to adjust the machine.

2. Enter the distances between the measuring units and feet. (If not already entered when performing Softfoot check.)

Press the Enter buttonat each

position to record the value.

The measurement is ready!

A.Offset value. B.Angular value. C.Shim/Adjustment values. Live direction indicated by filled machine feet symbols. D.Tolerance settings display. Select speed range. E.E.E.E.E.Filled coupling symbols, indicating that alignment is within tolerance.


Shim this foot before alignment

HORIZONTAL 9–12–3 - For alignment of horizontal machines by the 9–12–3 method.

SOFTFOOT - With this program you can easily check that the machine is standing evenly on its feet. Shows which foot should be corrected.

THERMAL GROWTH COMPENSATION - Compensates for difference in thermal growth between the machines. Sub function.

TOLERANCE CHECK - Checks the offset and angle values in relation to selected tolerance. Shows graphically when the alignment is within tolerance. Sub function.

MEASUREMENT VALUE FILTER - Advanced electronic filter function for accurate measurement result even in poor measuring conditions like air turbulence and vibration. Sub function.

When measurement is complete, you have several options for documenting the results. Choose the one that is best suited for the situation, depending, for example, on whether further analysis is needed or whether a measurement report needs to be produced. A keyboard with all characters available makes it quick and easy to give each measurement a unique description.

SAVE IN THE DISPLAY UNIT You give every measurement an individual name. The system then adds the time and date of the measurement. Up to 1000 shaft alignment measurements can be saved.

PRINT Quickly print all measurement data locally. This is useful, for example, if you don’t want to connect the display unit to a PC.

With the EasyLink™ program for Windows® (included), you can produce professional reports with both measurement data and pictures, export to spreadsheets such as Excel®, etc.

Your description

Printout with all measurement data

Excel® sheet with graphics

A.Display unit made of anodized aluminium. B.Clear, backlit LCD display. Easy to read even in poor light conditions. C.Universal shaft brackets with chains. D.Clear spirit levels in both units for quick and accurate positioning. E.Double rods for each unit, made of stainless steel. F.Cables with Push/Pull connection. G.Small, lightweight measuring units made of aluminium. H.All settings are available, as for our more expensive systems. I.Durable membrane keyboard with all characters. J.RS 232 port for printer and PC connection. K.Battery operated display unit. Long operating time.

Countersunk connectors, well protected against external damage.

Battery cover. The unit is powered by four standard R14 (C) batteries.

More than 24 hours continuous operation!

The rugged aluminium and stainless steel design guarantees stable measurement values and reliable alignment even in the harshest of environments. Double rods for the measuring units and stable chain shaft fixtures are other features making this a high performance system.


System ProgramsHorizontal shaft alignment, Softfoot Measurement distanceUp to 3 feet [10 m] Temperature range32–122°F [0–50°C] Relative humidity 10–95% Max. displayed error+1% +1 digit Weight (complete system)1 lbs [5 kg] Carrying caseWxHxD: 16”x12”x4” [420x320x110 m]

Measuring units (S, M) Housing materialAnodized aluminium Type of laserDiode laser Laser wavelength635–670 nm, visible red light Laser safety classClass 2 Laser output power< 1 mW Resolution0.05 mils[0.001 m] Type of detectorsPSD 0.39” sq [10x10mm] Spirit vialsResolution 0.5° ProtectionNo influence from ambient light DimensionsWxHxD: 2.36”x2.36”x1.97” [60x60x50 m] Weight7 oz [198 g]

Display unit Type of displayBacklit dot matrix LCD. 2.87”x2.87” [73x73 m] Displayed resolutionChangeable; 5, 0.5, 0.05 mils/thou. 0.1, 0.01, 0.001mm. Battery4 x 1.5 V R14 (C) Operating time24 hours Storage memory1000 shaft alignment measurements Output portRS232 for printer and PC communication KeyboardMembrane alphanumeric multi function SettingsValue filtering, Contrast and Unit (mil/thou/m) etc. Housing materialAnodized aluminium / ABS-plastics DimensionsWxHxD: 7.1”x7.1”x1.8” [180x180x45 m] Weight2.8 lbs [1250 g]

Shaft brackets FixtureV-fixture for chain, width 0.71” [18 m] Material Anodized aluminium Shaft diameterØ 3/4”–18” [20–450 m] with standard chains.

Rods Material Stainless steel Length2.36” and 9.4” [60 and 240 m]

Cables TypeWith Push/Pull connectors Length78.74” [2 m]

Brackets 1. Sliding brackets Part No. 12-0039For non-rotatable shafts. Min. Ø 2.36” [60 m]. 2. Magnetic brackets Part No. 12-0038For axial mounting on e.g. flange, shaft or coupling. 3. Magnetic base Part No. 12-0013For direct mounting on e.g. coupling or shaft. 4. Thin chain brackets Part No. 12-0037Width 0.47” [12 m]. With chains. 5. Offset bracket Part No. 01-0076For axial displacement of meas. units on bracket.

Miscellaneous 6. Printer Part No. 03-0032Portable thermal printer incl. cable and charger. 7. Extension cable Part No. 12-0108Length 16 feet [5 m] (Not pictured)

A great many different brackets are available to help you solve measurement tasks that would otherwise have been difficult. The aluminium and stainless steel design is as rugged as the rest of the system. With the portable printer connected you can easily document the alignment work wherever you are.

Easy-Laser® D450 can be expanded and upgraded with measuring units and programs from shaft alignment systems D505 and D525. You can also add all other Easy-Laser® measurement equipment when your measurement needs increase. Learn more about this in our other brochures or on the web.


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High resolution! Large memory!

Data base software included!

1 Display unit D279 (with 2 measurement programs) 1 Protective case 2 Cables with Push/Pull connectors 2 Measuring units (S, M) 2 Sets of rods for measuring units ( 4x2.36”, 4x9.4”[4x60mm, 4x240mm] ) 2 Shaft brackets with chains 2 Extension chains 1 Measuring tape 1 Manual 1 EasyLink™ Windows® program + PC cable Delivered in robust aluminium framed carrying case with contoured foam insert.