Tutorial Solid Works

Tutorial Solid Works

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SolidWorks 2001 Tutorial

A Basic Introduction Marie P. Planchard & David C. Planchard

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SolidWorks Tutorial Revolve Features

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Project 2 Revolve Features

Below are the desired outcomes and usage competencies based upon the completion of Project 2.

Project Desired Outcomes Usage Competencies

A comprehensive understanding of the customer’s design requirements and desires.

To comprehend the fundamental definitions and process of Feature- Based 3D Solid Modeling.

Specific knowledge of Revolve base features.

Understanding of the Shell feature, Hole Wizard, Dome feature and Circular Pattern.

Two key flashlight components: • LENS

Ability to apply Extrude and Fillet features.

Revolve Features SolidWorks Tutorial

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SolidWorks Tutorial Revolve Features

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Project 2 – Revolve Features

Project Objective

Create two components of the flashlight. Create the LENS and BULB.

Project Situation

The LENS is a purchase part utilized in the FLASHLIGHT assembly, Figure 2.1. Obtain dimensional information on the LENS. Review the size, material and construction.

The BULB is a purchased part, Figure 2.2. The BULB is a replacement part and requires a separate part number and order number.

Project Overview Create two parts in this section:

• BULB The LENS and the BULB utilize a Revolve Base feature. LENS

for the LENS

Determine the key features of the LENS. The Base feature for the LENS is a solid Revolved feature. A solid Revolved feature adds material. The Revolved Base feature is the foundation

A Revolved feature is geometry created by rotating a sketched profile around a centerline, Figure2.3. Close the Sketch profile for a solid Revolved feature, Figure 2.4. Do not cross the centerline.

Figure 2.4 Figure 2.3 Center line


Figure 2.1 Figure 2.2

Revolve Features SolidWorks Tutorial

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LENS Feature Overview

Create the LENS. Use the solid Revolved Base feature, Figure 2.5.

Create uniform wall thickness. Create the Shell feature, Figure 2.6.

Create an Extruded-Boss feature from the back of the LENS, Figure 2.7.

Create a Thin-Revolved feature to connect the LENS to the BATTERYPLATE, Figure 2.8.

Create a Counterbore Hole feature with the HoleWizard, Figure 2.9. The BULB is located inside the Counterbore Hole.

Create the front LensFlange feature. Add a transparent LensShield feature, Figure 2.10.

Figure 2.5 Figure 2.6 Figure 2.7 Figure 2.8

Figure 2.10 Figure 2.9 Counter bore

SolidWorks Tutorial Revolve Features

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Create the LENS

Create the LENS with a Revolved Base feature. The solid Revolved Base feature requires a sketched profile and a centerline. The profile is located on the Right plane with the centerline collinear to the Top plane. The profile lines reference the Top and Front planes. The curve of the LENS is created with a 3-point arc.

1) Click NewClick PartEnglishTemplate. Click OK. Click Save . Enter

Create the LENS. LENS. Click the Save button.

2) View the planes. Right-click on the Front plane in the FeatureManager. Click Show. Right-click Top plane in the FeatureManager. Click Show.

3) Select the Sketch plane. Click the Right plane. Display the view.

Click Right .

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