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APPENDIX Introduction to 3D | 2006 c 2006 Gray Holland | a production of

This Appendix outlines the custom Graphic User Interface (GUI) set up for V13 for Studio. This outline details all the basic aspects of the general interface and window system for Studio. It serves as a reference manual and a quick road map to understand this deep D/3D tool set.

Keep this as a constant reference for you to accelerate throughout the learning curve and onto the expert use of this software...

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File Functions: Alt R Open File Alt S Save All As Ctrl S Save All Shift Alt E Exit

Edit Functions: Alt Z Undo Alt A Redo Alt E Re-Invoke Function

Alt X Delete Active

Ctrl X Cut Alt C Copy Alt V Paste Alt D Duplicate Alt G Group

Pick Functions: Ctrl C Curve On Surface Ctrl T Template Ctrl N Nothing Ctrl E Edit Point

Press Shift - (while in Xform) to momentarily toggle into pick masking

Toggle Displays: F3 Toggle Hardware Shade Alt B Toggle Bounding Box Ctrl M Toggle Model Ctrl L Toggle Lights Ctrl G Toggle Grid Alt T Toggle Template Ctrl P Patch Precision

Object Controls Display: F2 All OFF / Active ON [first hit / second hit]

Alt K Display All Current Alt O Display All OFF Alt P Display All ON Shift Alt K Display Active Current Shift Alt O Display Active OFF Shift Alt P Display Active ON

AltToggle Rebuild History
Alt 1Shell Stitch

Modeling Functions: F11 Trim F12 Untrim Alt I Insert Ctrl D Detach Alt F Key Line Ctrl Alt D Duplicate Curve Ctrl Alt X Delete Construction History

Paint Brush Controls: C [momentary] Grab Color A [momentary] Brush Aspect D [momentary] Brush Rotate S [momentary] Brush Size X [momentary] Brush Clone Select + [momentary] adds selection to Marquee - [momentary] subtracts from the Marquee

Arrow Keys - performs a ONE PIXEL transform (relative to screen)

Space Bar and Enter Key - approves action on prompt (for GO, OK, and/or YES)

Alt drag - on numeric value fields acts like a slider

(While in Insert and Detach) Hold Alt - momentarily snaps half way between Isoparms and Edit Pts Hold Ctrl - momentarily snaps to Isoparms and Edit Pts

Snapping Constraints: (press while in Xform: snaps to Points, Grids, and Curves) Ctrl Point snap Alt Grid snap Ctrl Alt Curve snap

Alt 5Full Screen View

View Controls: F4 All Windows F5 Top F6 Right F7 Front F8 Perspective F9 SBD

Ctrl [Previous Bookmark
Ctrl ]Next Bookmark
Ctrl 1Toggle Construction Plane
Ctrl 2Set Construction Plane

Ctrl Z Previous View Alt L Look At Alt W Save Current Window

Alt 4Stage Editor

Editor Windows: Alt 2 Tool Palette Alt 3 Control Panel Alt Q Multilister All Ctrl Q Multilister Picked Only Shift Alt C Camera Editor Shift Alt I Info Window Shift Alt R Render Stats

S+AS+CTransform ConstraintsPicking Masks

X constrain

Y constrain Z constrain

Toggle Selection (Picked and Unpicked)

Pick Only (select nothing to Pick Nothing)

Unpick Only

Tumble (perspective only)



Camera Movement Marking Menus

Pick > Component [Surface]

Pick > Object Pick > HullPick > CVs

Transform > Move

Transform > Scale Transform > RotateTransform > Non-P Scale

Display Toggle > Hardware Shade [Default Lighting]

Display Toggle > Object Pick > Component [Curve]Transform > Set Pivot Point



Caps Lock



Alt Ctrl Shift

Delete Enter one pixel xformS+A C+A

S+AS+CTransform ConstraintsPicking Masks

S+A S+CS X constrain

Y constrain Z constrain

Toggle Selection (Picked and Unpicked)

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