XAFS course2009 1 Intro

XAFS course2009 1 Intro

Introduction to X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy: an element sensitive method for local spatial and electronic structure K. Klementiev, ALBA/CELLS

  • After this introductory lecture:

  • Introduction to theory

  • Data analysis

  • Experiment

  • Requirements for suitable samples

X-ray Absorption Spectra

Theoretical Description (a)

Theoretical Description (b)

XANES Analysis: b) Edge Shift

Data Analysis. EXAFS

Analysis of Mixtures. Example

Experimental Setup (a)

Experimental Setup (b)

Example: Application of EXAFS to Pd,Pt/C Catalysts (a)

Ways for measurements of µ

Suitable samples

XAS of Metallobiomolecules