Empilhadeira eletrica

Empilhadeira eletrica

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The L12R and L16R seated rider pallet stackers are designed both for transport and medium-height storage, up to 4724mm lift height warehouses or workshops. The compact 4-point design povides excellent stability. Output is increased thanks to excellent ergonomics, visibility and high driving speeds.

Main Features ●4-point for high residual capacities

●Compact chassis contributing to an excellent turning radius and low stacking aisle ●Clear view mast and fork carriage

●LDC electronic control (Linde Digital

Control) ●Automatic electromagnetic braking

●Electric steering

Driver compartment Functional driver’s compartment with low access step. The specially designed seat supports every operational body movement, with adjustments to suit every operator. The sideways seating position enables all-around visibility whether the truck is travelling forwards or backwards. All controls are within easy reach, without having to lift the arm from the armrest. This outstanding design makes for easy and safe driving. Available with double pedal system, or with single pedal with direction switch.

Chassis The chassis construction made of folded steel reduces the number of parts and optimises the welding, ensuring high rigidity and excellent reliability. A large hinged door gives full access to the components for easy maintenance.

Transmission Series wound 2.0kW motor directly mounted on a two stage and bevel gearbox. This unit enables high driving performance. The compact gear unit is mounted offcentered on the right and can rotate 180°.

Electric system The truck is fitted with the advanced 24V LDC drive control. This MOS-FET controller provides exceptionally high acceleration and smooth operation. Starts in gradients are safe as the LDC prevents the truck from rolling back. An automatic counter-current braking is applied when releasing the pedals (Linde brake control).

Electric steering Smooth and precise LES-steering (Linde electrical steering) providing low effort and exceptional ergonomics. The position of the drive wheel is controlled by a microprocessor and a sensor. This construction ensures a constant and direct link between the position of the drive wheel and the steering wheel.

Wheels and pallet arms The truck is fitted with an off-centre rubber drive wheel and a twin pivoting castor wheel. Polyurethane load wheels are equipped with a shrink-wrap protection. Various fork lengths are available.

Lifting Compact, high output, low consumption motor-driven pump, including a 3.0kW motor (rating 15%) a high pressure gear pump, a 8-litre hydraulic tank.

Braking Three independent braking systems ●Automatic counter-current braking when releasing the pedals (LBC)

●Foot operated electromagnetic brake on the drive motor

●Automatic parking brake applied when the driver steps of the truck

Safety ●Three independent braking systems

●No sharp edges

●Wheels turn within the confines of the chassis ● Excellent stability

●The operator is always protected within the contours of the driver compartment

●Check of all potential short-circuits at start-up ●Emergency stop button

Electric Rider

Pallet Stacker 1200 and 1600 kg

L 12 R L 16 R

Pallet StackerDesignation to VDI 3586 EFVAbbreviation to

July 2002

Data sheet for materials handling equipment

Characteristics Weights

Wheels and tyres



Drive Other

V VDI 3586

VDI 2198

Ast = Wa + r + a a: operating clearance = 200 m

Standard equipment ●Chassis width 950 m

●Electric steering (LES)

●Forks: 560 m x 1150 m

●Rubber drive wheel and polyurethane twin castor wheel. Tandem polyurethane load wheels ●LDC drive control

●Horn, Key switch

●Emergency stop button

●Battery cable and plug

●Battery mounted on rollers for side removal

●Three independent braking systems, including automatic braking

●Truck complies with EC directives

Battery and charger ●24 V batteries with capacities ranking from 440 Ah bis 720 Ah are available

●Large choice of wall-mounted battery chargers

Options ●Alternative mast types and heights (with or without free lift, up to 4809 m total lift height) ●Alternative fork dimensions

●Single or double pedal system

●Polyurethane, non-marking or grooved rubber drive wheel

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