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What's New in PowerMILL 8.0

By Delcam plc

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Patent pending: GB 2374562 Improvements Relating to Machine Tools

Patent granted: US 6,832,876 Machine Tools

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Patent granted: GB 2 423 592 Surface Finish Prediction

PowerMILL Version: 8.0 Date: 29/08/2007 16:17

What's New in PowerMILL 8.0 Contents • i


Toolpath preparation1
Toolpath generation3
Toolpath verification4
Toolpath output4
User interface5

Introduction 1

Undoing patterns and boundaries7
Boolean boundaries8
Example of Boolean operations on two boundaries10
Tool axis12
Tool database14
Search settings15
Stock material16
Search results17
Creating tools from the tool database18
Tool enhancements20
Export a tool to the tool database20
Cutting Data tab2
Description tab27
Feeds and speeds enhancements29
Using the Feeds and Speeds dialog35
Leads and links41
Along Radial option41
Automatically Extend option42
Add Leads at Tool Axis Discontinuities fields4
Workplane undo example46
Feature sets49
Create holes from toolpath plunge points50

Toolpath preparation 7 Create holes from contact normals......................................................51

Editing feature components53
Editing automatically identified holes5
Setup sheets59

i • Contents What's New in PowerMILL 8.0

Tool axis editing62
Select Regions tab63
Edit Tool Axis tab65
Example of tool axis editing67
Area clearance improvements84
Trochoidal moves85
Horseshoe moves86
Swarf machining enhancements8
Blisk machining89
Blisk area clearance91
Blade finishing9
Hub finishing102
Example of Blisk machining103
Parametric Offset finishing enhancements1
Port machining preview113
Disc Profile finishing114
Drilling enhancements117
General toolpath enhancements117
Draw Contact Track option120

Toolpath generation 62

Changes to simulation121
Simulation examples133
Text block enhancements140
NC program notes141
Arc fitting143
Drilling cycle output143

What's New in PowerMILL 8.0 Contents • i

View toolbar144
Options dialog145
Background image146
Tool tab149
Tool context menus150

Index 153

What's New in PowerMILL 8.0 Introduction • 1

PowerMILL 8.0 offers all of the original features of PowerMILL 7.0, but with numerous improvements. The most significant improvements are:

Toolpath preparation

There is a new set of options on the individual Boundary and Pattern context menu, which allows you to undo and redo boundary edits (see "Undoing patterns and boundaries" on page 7).

You can now perform Boolean operations on boundaries (see "Boolean boundaries" on page 8).

There are a few enhancements to Tool Axis (on page 12):

Tilting - when tilting in a Fixed Direction, PowerMILL first searches in the direction specified, and if that fails, searches in the opposite direction.

Automatic Collision Avoidance has two new Tilt Tool Axis options.

There are several Tool enhancements (on page 20):

A new Tool Database (on page 14) button is available on the Tool toolbar.

The Tool dialog has an additional option to Export a tool to the tool database (on page 20).

The Cutting Data tab (on page 2) of the Tool dialog has a new set of parameters which complement those in the tool database.

A new Description tab (on page 27) on the Tool dialog allows you to add your own parameters to the tool.


2 • Introduction What's New in PowerMILL 8.0

There is a new Feeds and Speeds dialog (see "Feeds and speeds enhancements" on page 29).

There are a couple of enhancements to Leads and Links (on page 41).

The Links tab now has the Along Radial option (on page 41) and Automatically Extend option (on page 42).

The Lead In and Lead Out tabs have additional Add Leads at Tool Axis Discontinuities fields (on page 4).

You can now Undo and Redo Workplane Transformations (see "Workplane" on page 45).

There is a new Sets (on page 48) entity in the Explorer. Sets are particularly useful when Blisk machining. Sets are very similar to Levels.

There are several Feature Sets (on page 49) enhancements including: Two additional ways of creating holes:

Create holes from contact normals (on page 51).

Holes generated automatically from the Recognise Holes in

Model option on the Feature Sets context menu can now be edited. For more information, see Editing automatically identified holes (on page 5).

Individual components of a Feature can be edited from the

Component tab on the Feature dialog. For more information, see Editing feature components (on page 53).

There are a few enhancements to Setup Sheets (on page 59).

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