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Standard Operating Procedure

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To understand and draw an schematic diagram of Warehouse and Production areas, identifying in-coming goods storage unit types and storage bin types, Quarantine, Reject Cage, Cool room, Flammable storage, Dispensary booths, Production area, finished goods quarantine area and finished goods storage areas. To define how storage unit types and storage bins are numbered.


This SOP is to be used as a guide to define the types of storage units and bins, movement direction within the warehouse and production area. For safety and maintenance of storage units and bins see SOP WAR- 060. This SOP does not guide to maintain the environmental grading requirements inside the factory area.


SBT Storage Bin Type - the size and category of location in which the pallet is placed. SUT Storage Unit Type - the type and size of storage on which product is stored. QFG Quarantine Finished Goods

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EHS Statement NOTE: When storing pallets in the Bulk Store, the overhang on a pallet should be 150mm.

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Standard Operating Procedure

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Figure: 2.1 A schematic diagram of warehouse, dispensary and production area

1.3. There is an Interim Production staging area inside the production zone in order to keep issued materials temporarily to use for the next batch (we will call here BPN).

IP Interim production staging area.

If the leftover material/s (unprinted packaging components) are going to be used on the next BPN which is coming up shortly on the production schedules, (eg PVC film, foils, shrink film and shippers), these are to be kept in the Interim Production Staging area



W IP 1




Standard Operating Procedure

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3. Safety Procedure for Warehouse Racking

All new personal employed to work in the Warehouse are to be appropriately trained in order to understand the importance of storage racking safety and follow the procedure when working within any pallet racking system.

Major Damages of the Racking

If extensive damage occurs, personnel are not to step out of the forklift to assess the damage. Personnel are to:

Stay within the forklift, drive away and notify all Warehouse personnel and the Area Manager immediately.

The Warehouse person who made the impact or discover the damage, with another staff member, will investigate the area immediately after the impact.

Secure the area by sectioning off and removing stock that is damaged from the racking. Be sure to empty the whole bay. If a support beam is damaged both bays either side of the damaged upright are to be emptied.

A Deviation Report has to be raised (see Topic 6 of Chapter 1) The racking supplier is to be notified of the pending repair.

Minor Damages of the Racking

If minor damage occurs: The Racking does not need to be emptied. A Deviation Report is to be raised. The Area Manager is to be notified in order to arrange a repair.

If it is a cross beam which has being damaged, the Store person can empty that bay and replace with spare racking the warehouse have available – as long as it is placed in the same area.

If Safety Clip is Found Dislodged or Broken

Goods must not be placed on that rack until the safety clip is replaced. This should be completed immediately. It is the responsibility of the warehouse staff to inform and replace the safety clip straight away.

If no safety clips are on site, the area must be sectioned off and not used until more clips are supplied.

All Warehouse staff must be notified not to use the area until further notice. Maintenance of Storage Racks

Safety clips are positioned to ensure that the racking support beams are in place. All safety clips and racking (both cross-beams, side supports and safety guarding rails) are to be checked by Warehouse personnel on a monthly basis. The Warehouse Manager needs to ensure that the Warehouse staff check all the racking in all areas at the beginning of each month, using the following procedure:


By looking at each rack, determine if all the safety clips are in place. Two members of the warehouse team will be lifted in the safety cage by a third team member who will then drive the forklift through each row of If there are any clips missing, these need to be replaced straight away.

If there are any damaged beams or side supports or damage to safety guarding/rails – they need to be identified and repaired immediately.

4. Summery of Changes

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End of Procedure

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