Eunectes do Mioceno Formação Solimões, Brasil

Eunectes do Mioceno Formação Solimões, Brasil

SOUTHWFSTERN AMAZONIA &Am MIOCENE) OF BRAWL ds PaleontotOgia, Mnssu de Nahrrots, FZB-M, dv. Mhw, 1427, cq: POt59(1-#, Jiwdb Bognb, Po* Alegm, RS, BmiL oani&iosr& ; ; 2~PG~ihch-~~~~~q ; 3~~~~~~--nto de Bi0logi.l Unksadmd Nachal de Mar hl Ph, Fmes 3250,7600 Mar del PIPlp, Argmtha. aalbliFo@mdp.&ar

Miocene South Amesicau boids haw beep remtkd onIy frwn Argdm (Albin~ 19% Colombia (Hoffstdtcr & Rage, lm Hecht & LaDuke, 1997) and Vcnmeh (I-read et el,

2006). The purpose of this c0m~Imidon ie to reprt the first rscord of the hhg genus Emecm from late Miocene of the Solimk Fodon, southwest of the Brazilian- ma, which is the oldest rac~rd for - as well. The gem- Ewecia was previously restricted to the MiddIe Mi- of La Venta, Colombia (How & Rage, 1977; H&

&LaDuke, 1997). ~~~herewecefoundinttaeTMldty(etbd&t~oftbo

~lpper IRmrs River, south- kmmms State), fhm where many fossil mammals d dh have been mUd. The material .consists of three isolated middle-tnmk vertebrae WAC-PV 2951, 295412960, 3475) and one Mated p&or trunk vertebra.

(UFAGPV 3476), all of them very well pmewd. The vertebrae ax c- by tfie following combination of featma: large size, pamcotyh foramen ht, low neural sp- md bigh and robust zygosphmc, with a prominent median tubercle.

At pnsd, the snakes of the genus Eunecteg inhabit large hydrographic basins b Nmtmpid South America, frmn Vmezuela and Colombia to Argentina, developing an aquatic lifdylc, for which they have many morphologd adaptations. The presence of Ewas in the Late Mime of the scilim&n F-tion indieatcs that, to at last or& Boidae had achieved d of its northernmost distributions by the Md&W

Miocene, as saggested by Head et al. (2QM).

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