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Pre-testing Vocabulary No quadro seguinte você encontra transparent words associadas a outras não tão evidentes. Faça o skimming do texto e, sem dicionário, traduza-as.

A B 1. manufacturing company 2. personal care

3. a new campaign 4. new brand logo 5. an integral part 6. the company’s packaging 7. different icons 8. consumer benefits 9. competitive advantage 10. the company’s future policy

Text 1: Unilever’s brand new identity

The UK based global foods and home and personal care products manufacturing company recently announced the launch of a new mission entitled ‘Vitality’ as the base of its future policy.

Central to the new direction are a Mission 5

Statement and logo. The new Mission reads, “Unilever’s mission is to add vitality to life. We meet the everyday needs for nutrition, hygiene, and personal care with brands that help people feel good, look good and get more out of life.” 10

Although the new brand logo forms an integral part of Unilever’s new campaign, which was officially launched in May, it did not appear on the company’s packaging until 1 July. The new logo tells the story of Unilever and vitality. It brings together 25 different icons representing Unilever and its brands, the idea of vitality and the benefits we bring to consumers and the world 15 we operate in.

“Our mission is full of promise for the future, opening up exciting opportunities where we have competitive advantage for developing our business and our new logo will help us confidently identify ourselves in every aspect of our business,” explained Antony Burgmans and Niall Fitzgerald, the Chairmen 20 of Unilever worldwide. (From Britain Brasil magazine, p.7, July /August 2004)

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Faça o intensive reading do texto 1 antes de responder as questões abaixo que bem poderiam estar no mock text (=teste simulado) ao final do curso. Procure aplicar todas as técnicas já estudadas. No final desta aula dou as respostas. Good Luck!


1. According to the author, two items are central to the company’s future policy a) add vitality to life and personal care. b) help people feel good and nutrition. c) a mission statement and a new logo. d) a vital mission and consumer benefits. e) promise for the future and hygiene.

2. ‘Although’ (L-10) at the beginning of the third paragraph indicates a) concession and could be replaced by though. b) result and could be replaced by therefore. c) purpose and could be replaced by thus d) addition and could be replaced by furthermore. e) comparison and could be substituted by likewise.

3.The Chairmen of Unilever, in their statement, expressed a) concern about consumers’ acceptance of the company’s policy. b) renewed promised for the company’s clients. c) doubts about the acceptance of the new logo. d) optimism about the future of the company. e) confidence in the company’s icons.

4. In the text, the word that is a synonym of ‘declaration’ is a) policy. b) brands. c) logo. d) launch. e) statement.

5. In the 3rd paragraph the pronoun ‘it’ (L-12) refers to a) new campaign. b) company’s packaging. c) the brand logo. d) an integral part. e) different icon.

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Se você tivesse que fazer a busca das palavras transparentes, das palavras com formação prefixal e sufixal das collocations e tudo o mais que vimos estudando você as encontraria no texto a seguir. Mas, gostaria que first and foremost você fizesse o vocabulary pre-test.

1. take a strong pride in a. () sua população crescente
2. standing witness to b. () até onde a vista alcança
3. one truck stop c. () novos pólos econômicos
4. with a banner saying d. () alguma vegetação rasteira
5. patches of stunted growth e. () os produtores indicam
6. as far as the eyes can see f. () a moderna cidade se gaba
7. its growing population g. () tem um grande orgulho de
8. new economic hubs. h. () são o testemunho de
9. producers point out as i. () parada de caminhões
10. the modern town boasts j. () com uma faixa dizendo

Text 2: Primavera do Leste

Most towns or cities in Brazil usually take a strong pride in their historic past and have at least a few old buildings or monuments standing witness to earlier days. But in Primavera do Leste, a booming agribusiness town 230 kilometers east of Mato Grosso’s state capital, Cuiabá, the oldest historic landmark you will find is a common filling station and truck stop with a banner 5 saying: “Where it all began”.

Where a few years ago there was virtually nothing but dust-covered savanna and patches of stunted growth, thousands of acres of soy and cotton fields now spread out as far as the eye can see, earning millions of dollars on world markets and turning the still small city into one of Brazil’s latest new 10 economic hubs. Regional roads and telecommunications, however, are two aspects local entrepreneurs and producers point out as very precarious, forming obstacles to further growth seriously affecting production and marketing costs.

Founded only 17 years ago, everything in Primavera, as it is usually referred to, is new - from its modern architecture to its growing population. 15

Only the very young can proudly say they were born here. Valentim Martignano, one of the district’s oldest pioneers arrived here from Paraná state some 2 years ago, “All I saw was a gas station, a general store six houses and a lot of dust,” he recalls. Today the modern town boasts 50,0 inhabitants, and projections by the Brazilian institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) are of 20 a population of 100,0 in five years’ time. (From UPDATE, by William Vanvolsen, p.24, May/2003, American Chamber of Commerce publication)

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1. Retire do texto 3 exemplos com verbos no past simple _

2. Retire do texto 3 exemplos com verbos no present simple _

3. Retire do texto 1 exemplo com verbo no future simple _

4. Retire do texto locuções (collocations) formadas por adjective + noun

5. Retire do texto locuções (collocations) formadas por noun + noun

6. O que a palavra ‘however’ (L-1) está indicando mo discourse marker? _

‘Founded only 17 years ago” (L- 14)

7. De que outra forma se pode escrever o seguinte fragmento do texto: _

8. Como você traduz o seguinte fragmento: earning millions of dollars on world markets (L-9/10) _

a) ‘Most towns’ (L-1) corresponds to The majority of towns … ()
b) “ …a few old buildings” (L-2) corresponds to Not many buildings ()

Say whether each statement is (T) true or (F) false:

fragmento pode ser substituída por except sem prejuízo do sentido. ()

c) “…virtually nothing but dust-covered savanna…” (L-7) A palavra ‘but’ no

palavra still pode ser substituída por ‘yet’( )

d) “…turning the still small city into one of Brazil’s…” (L-10) No fragmento a e) ‘All I saw was a gas station’ (L-18) Neste fragmento do texto poderíamos inserir a palavra ‘that’ antes do sujeito sem prejuízo do sentido ( )

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From text 2: “… aspects local entrepreneurs and producers point out as very precarious” (L-12). A palavra in bold significa ‘empresários’. Se quiséssemos falar de capacidade empresarial diríamos entrepreneurial skill usando o adjetivo. Existe também o substantivo entrepreneurship para indicar o que é próprio da atividade empresarial.

I - Forme uma palavra derivada por formação prefixal ou sufixal conforme o caso:

1. Tendo-se ‘understanding’, como você forma ‘mal-entendido’ com a adição de um prefixo? _

2. Tendo-se ‘superior’, como você forma ‘superioridade’ com a adição de um sufixo? _

3. Tendo-se ‘aggressive’, como você forma ‘agressividade’ com a adição de um sufixo? _

4. Tendo-se ‘brother’, como você forma ‘fraternidade’ com a adição de um sufixo? _

5. Tendo-se ‘child’, como você forma ‘infantil ’ com a adição de um sufixo? _

I – Usando cada um dos prefixos que formam antônimos preencha as frases abaixo:

1. That was one of the minister’s most _ fortunate comments during the press conference. 2. The Pope was already ill and that was one of his _ frequent visits to the little town. 3. Nobody can base his decision on those _ precise data. 4. Most of us took part in the _ violent demonstration. 5. I’m sorry but I can’t read what you wrote here. It’s _ legible. 6. You need to study _ regular verbs, too.

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