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Text 1: Social Security News Release

Social Security Responds to Hurricane Katrina Agency Issues More Than 30,0 Emergency Checks to Date

“Social Security has moved quickly to ensure that monthly payments get to beneficiaries affected by Hurricane Katrina and that other vital Social

Security services are provided,” Jo Anne Barnhart, Commissioner of Social 5

Security said today. “As we have all witnessed, the Gulf Coast is coping with destruction and loss of life that is utterly unfathomable. To ensure that beneficiaries will continue to receive their monthly Social Security and Supplemental Security Income payments, I have invoked immediate payment procedures that permit on-the-spot payments to be made to anyone who can no 10 longer access their benefit check. I am pleased to report that, so far, Social Security has issued more than 30,0 immediate payments and that number continues to grow.”

Since September 1st , Social Security has provided immediate payments to evacuees who are not able to receive their monthly benefits, whether by mail 15 or direct deposit. Beneficiaries can go to any open Social Security office and receive an immediate payment by check that replaces the full amount of their Social Security or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payment.

In addition, Social Security is providing immediate payments and other vital services to the affected areas and to evacuees in other locations through a 20 variety of means:

A temporary office has been opened in the Houston Astrodome and is providing service seven days a week.

Social Security representatives are serving the public at evacuation centers throughout the U.S., such as the Baton Rouge River Center. 25

Social Security employees are onsite at FEMA’s Family Assistance

Centers, such as the FEMA site in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. We anticipate having representatives onsite at similar centers in Pascagoula, Moss Point and Waveland, Mississippi and in Shreveport and Monroe, Louisiana.

Many Social Security offices are offering extended hours of service and 30 remained open throughout the Labor Day weekend to help evacuees.

Social Security and the United States Postal Service also established temporary mail delivery stations in areas where mail service was suspended due to damage from Hurricane Katrina. Beneficiaries still remaining in those areas could pick up their checks at those locations. 35 Visit: w.socialsecurity.gov/emergency

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Copie do texto três exemplos de construções no present perfect:

Translate the following fragments from text 1:

to ensure that monthly payments As we have all witnessed is coping with destruction that is utterly unfathomable permit on-the-spot payments through a variety of means having representatives onsite due to damage from Hurricane could pick up their checks

Reading Comprehension Questions Say (T)for true or (F) for false

marker. ()

1. The phrase ‘In addition (L-19) is a synonym of ‘Besides’ as a discourse

phrase in bold means up to this moment. ()

2. In the fragment “I am pleased to report that, so far, Social Security has issued more than 30,0 immediate payments…” (L-10/1), the underline

commonly used to indicate result. ().

3. ‘Such as’ (L-25) is a transitional phrase, or a discourse marker if you wish,

across . ()

4. In “Many … remained open throughout the Labor Day weekend to help evacuees” (L-30 / 31) the underlined word in bold could be replaced by

5. In “…where mail service was suspended due to damage from Hurricane

Katrina. (L-3/34) The underlined phrase in bold could be replaced by ‘because of’. ( )

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From Text 1: “ …vital services to the affected areas and to evacuees in other locations…”


The suffix -E

No texto, ‘evacuees’ corresponde aqueles que estão sendo evacuados os desabrigados por causa da destruição provocada pelo Furacão Katrina. Certamente você conhece o sufixo –E em trainee (=estagiário) acrescentado ao ver to train para formar o substantivo Vejamos alguns outros exemplos

Not many people attended the session. There were not many attendees. Não havia muita pessoas assistindo à sessão. Não havia muitos presentes.

The interviewees on Jo’s show tomorrow are interesting. Os entrevistados do Programa do Jô de amanhã são interessantes.

That girl is the employee who has just been hired. Aquela garota é a nova funcionária que acaba de ser contratada.

Acrescente aqui outras palavras com esta mesma formação quando encontrá-las em suas leituras.

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and that other vital Social Security services are provided…” (L-5)

From text 1 “I am pleased to report that…” (L-10) “A temporary office has been opened in the Houston Astrodome…” “ …in areas where mail service was suspended” (L-3)

Na formação da passive voice há uma regra de ouro – a golden rule - para a maioria dos casos: o verbo to be fica no mesmo tempo do verbo principal na voz ativa plus particípio passado do verbo principal.

Main verb in bold in the Present Simple

AV: They speak English in that country. Falam ingles naquele país.

PV: English is spoken in that country. O ingles é falado naquele país]

Main verb inbold in the Present Continuous

AV: They are building a new school there. Estão construindo uma nova escola lá.

PV: A new school is being built on my school

Uma nova escola está sendo construída lá.

Main verb in bold in the Past Simple

AV: The hurricane destroyed the village. O furacão destruiu a aldeia.

PV: The village was destroyed by the hurricane. A aldeia foi destruída pelo furacão

Main verb in the Past Continuous

AV: Thieves were robbing the bank. Ladrões estavam roubando o banco.

PV: The bank was being robbed by thieves. O banco estava sendo roubado.

Main verb in bold in the Future Simple

AV: We will send you the receipt by mail. Enviaremos o recibo para você por correspondência.

PV: You will be sent the receipt by mail. O recibo será enviado para você por correspondência.

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Main verb in bold in the Present Perfect Simple

AV: I have done the translation already. Já fiz a tradução.

PV: The translation has been done already. A tradução já foi feita.

Modal verb + infinitive of main verb

AV: You must do your homework immediately. Você tem que fazer seu dever de casa imediatamente.

Seu dever de casa deve ser feito imediatamente

PV: Your homework must be done immediately.

Com exceção de alguns casos especiais (verbos com dupla formação, por exemplo) é possível buscar facilmente o equivalente em português para uma estrutura na voz passiva. Faça os exercícios a seguir:

Coloque na voz passiva:

1. The hunter killed the lion. _

2. Terrorists have destroyed the bridge. _

3. She will write a letter to her boyfriend. _

4. The auditors are inspecting the books. _

5. They can transfer the money to a savings account. _

6. Karen must type that report. _

7. Millions of soccer fans will see the final game tomorrow. _

8. My students have studied this grammar topic already. _

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Complete com estruturas na voz ativa.

1. The plan has been implemented successfully. They _

2. They were told to leave the room. We _

3. The building will be constructed in six months. They _

4. She is being treated by Dr. Shelby. Dr. Shelby _

5. His lessons should be reviewed before the test. He _

6. The game will not be broadcast live by any TV network. No TV network _


7. Einstein was thought to be a genius.

8. Announcements have been made over the loudspeakers. They _

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VOCABULARY BUILD-UP BANKING TERMINOLOGY Complete the sentences with one of the words from the box.

access shares attorney checking amount block interest entitles withdraw tax. notice bonds

1. With a ……………account, your money is immediately available.

2. I can only invest a small ………………..at long-term.

3. I'l need $5,0 available at short notice, and I can …………… the rest.

4. A current account ……………you to a checkbook.

5. I'd like to have ………….to $50,0 in about 3 years.

6. The …………..on a current account is only 1%.

7. I'd like to invest part of my capital in ……………….

8. A deposit account limits the amount you can ……… at any one time.

9. ……………… are a long-term investment.

10. If you give your wife power of……………., she can withdraw money from your account.

1. I’d like 10,0 available at short……………
12. Our deposit accounts pay 3% interest, less ……………

(Adapted From English for International Banking, by Nicolas Ferguson and Maire O’Reilly)

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Ten words have been removed from the minitext that follows. Complete them with the words from the box paying attention to the meaning and structure of the texts.

Mini - text: Social Security & Hurricane Katrina affected heartbreaking eligible ensure assistance expedited identification remains copes verifying

Social Security is working with federal, state and local officials in _ (1) areas to assist families who may now be _ (2) for Social Security benefits. Emergency procedures have been implemented that will allow _ (3) processing of applications for survivors benefits or other Social Security benefits.

For evacuees who have lost their _ (4) documents, Social

Security has put in place a simplified protocol for _ (5) identity to provide them with the Social Security information they need to apply for jobs or _ (6) from other agencies.

“I am proud of the hard working and dedicated Social Security employees who are doing everything possible to _ (7) beneficiaries continue to receive their monthly payments,” Commissioner Barnhart said. “Over the past several days I have heard _ (8) stories from our employees, some of whom have lost their own homes. Yet, through all of this, their spirit and compassion _ (9) strong. I can assure those affected that we will continue to be there to serve them as our nation _ (10) with the devastation left in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.” Visit: w.socialsecurity.gov/emergency

Vocabulary Post Test

Escreva a tradução em B dos fragmentos em A

A B 1. to assist families 2. Emergency procedures

3. processing of applications 4. to apply for jobs 5. Yet, through all of this 6. in the wake of

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A woman visits the doctor who had cured her son of a very serious illness.

She is very grateful and wants to thank him.

"Doctor," says she, "there are some things we can’t pay for. I thought that you would want to accept this wallet which I made for you with my own hands." "Madam," answered the doctor rudely." I don't practice medicine for sentimental reasons. You must pay me in money. Your bill is two thousand dollars."

The lady opened the wallet, took out the five thousand dollars she had put in it and gave the doctor two thousand. (Adapted from English Language Skills by Finocchiaro and Lavenda}

Answer the following questions:

1. Why did the woman go to the doctor’s? _

2. How did the woman feel about the doctor’s performance? _

3. Who had made the wallet? _

4. Why did the doctor answer rudely? _

5. How could you complete this sentence with only one word: Two thousand dollars is my …………. _

6. Actually, did the woman intend to pay the bill? _

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A LOOK AT PAST EXAMS Read the text in order to answer the questions below

The Euro is the European Union’s single currency, adopted by the Treaty on European Union which came into force in November 1993. The name Euro was preferred to any other as its shared identity with Europe is clear. Besides, the name cannot be confused with any existing or previous national currency.

Economic and Monetary Unit is essential for the efficient functioning of the single European market. EU members do more than 70% of their trade with each other and will do even more with a single stable currency. As a stable currency, the Euro will help to create a stronger economy capable of growing at a faster rate. Faster growth is needed to put more people back to work and achieve a rising standard of living for individuals and families. The Euro will bring real practical benefits as it will be a lot easier to compare prices for the same goods in different countries. In addition, business organizations will no longer have the expenses of handling several different currencies, cutting down the cost of doing business.

Though without the Euro bills and coins, the monetary union can start on 1 January1999.

Because a lot of economic activities are done without cash, many transactions can be made and sealed in the Euro before I January 2002, when the Euro bills and coins will start circulating. But any existing and previous national currency will still be in use for up to six months after that. (Compiled from: Talking about the Euro” [UFC-97]

1) The sentence, “Any reduction in costs can make a company more competitive and frequently able to pass on the benefits to its customers.” was deliberately omitted from the text. Find the most appropriate place in the second paragraph to insert it:

a) after “stable currency” (L- 7) b) after “faster rate” (L- 9) c) after “individuals and families” (L- 10) d) after “different countries” (L- 12) e) after “doing business” (L- 14)

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2. Mark the option that is equivalent in meaning to:

“Besides, the name cannot be confused with any existing or previous national currency.” a) As the name cannot be confused with any existing currency. b) Though the name cannot be confused with any existing currency. c) In addition, the name cannot be confused with any existing currency. d) However, the name cannot be confused with any existing currency. e) Since the name cannot be confused with any existing currency.

3. Mark the option that best completes the sentence:


The adoption of the Euro will help _ a) to develop the European economy// to promote competition among families b) to establish a stable currency // to promote European individuals. c) to rise expenses for individuals // to create a strong economy. d) to increase trade among EU members // to create more job openings e) to raise expenses for families // to promote the European economic growth.

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Reproduzo este antigo texto aqui para chamar sua atenção para as diversas passive voice constructions nele sublinhadas.

Read the text in order to answer the questions below

Following World War I, the major economic powers of the world negotiated a set of rules for reducing and limiting trade barriers and for settling trade disputes. These rules were called the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT). Headquarters to oversee the administration of the GATT were established in Geneva, Switzerland. Periodically rounds of multilateral trade negotiations under the GATT were carried out. The 8th round begun in 1986 in Punta del Este, Uruguay, and dubbed the Uruguay Round, was concluded on Dec.15, 1993, when 117 countries completed a new trade-liberalization agreement. The-name for the GATT was changed to the World Trade Organization (WTO), which officially came into being Jan. l, 1995. (ACE- 98)

1. According to the text, the former GATT comprised … a) tariff rules established by third world countries. b) trade regulations created prior to World War I. c) rules forbidding trade barriers and disputes. d) trade rules adopted in Uruguay in 1986. e) regulations related to trade issues.

2. Which of the following statements does not reflect the content of the text? a) The GATT members used to gather from time to time. b) 117 countries signed a new trade agreement. c) The World Trade Organization (WTO) used to be called GATT d) A new trade agreement may be signed by 117 countries. e) Reducing trade barriers was one of tie main concerns of the GATT.

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