Interlandi 10.4 - análise cefalométrica

Interlandi 10.4 - análise cefalométrica

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TES of the ANGLE SCHOOL of ORTHODONTIA - A memorial meeting to the late Edward Hartley Angle. [an, 1931.

lações entre a estrutura dento esquelética e o perfil mole da face inferior. Bauru, 1971. /Tese/

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ght, weight and chronologícal, dental and

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tion to UNESCO's camping to save the monuments of Nubia: A 1970 field report. Amer. r

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and the method of the technique. I use in practique. Angle Orthodont., 13(1):3-14, Jan./ and expediente compromises in orthodontic procedures. Amer. J. Orthodont., 34(1):18-27, l'orthodontie. Paris, Semaine Dentaire, 1927.

appraisals to orthodontic diagnosis and treat-

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Te of orthodontic diagnosis. St. Louis, Mosby,

tgenfern und abstandsaufnahmen für die di-

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its bearing on the use of cephalometric radiographs in orthodontic diagnosis. Ame. J. Or-

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