Mandarim (tabela completa de radicais) em 'mandaglês'

Mandarim (tabela completa de radicais) em 'mandaglês'

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八 八 ba1 /eight/8/

白 白 bai2 /white/snowy/empty/blank/bright/clear/plain/pure/gratuitous/

貝 贝 bei4 /cowries/shell/valuables/shellfish/

鼻 鼻 bi2 /nose/ 匕 匕 bi3 /dagger/ladle/punhal/adaga

比比bi3/(particle used for comparison and "-er than")/to compare/to contrast/to gesture (with hands)/ratio/

釆 釆 bian4/to distinguish/diferenciar

髟 髟 biao1/hair/shaggy/ 卜 卜 bu3 /to divine/foretell/divino/predizer/profetizar 艸 艸 cao3 /grass/ 長 长 chang2 /length/long/forever/always/constantly/

廠 厂 chang3 /cliff/slope/factory/yard/depot/workhouse/works/ (industrial) plant/

鬯 鬯 chang4 /sacrificial spirit/

車车che1/car/a vehicle/machine/to shape with a lathe/ 屮 屮 che4 /plants sprouting/ 臣 臣 chen2/statesman/vassal/courtier/minister/official/ 辰辰chen2/5th earthly branch/7-9 a.m./ 齒 齿 chi3 /tooth/ 彳彳chi4/step with left foot/passo com o pé esquerdo/ 赤 赤 chi4 /red/scarlet/bare/naked/despido/despido/descoberto/nú/ 虫 虫 chong2 /insect/worm/ 川川chuan1/river/creek/plain/an area of level country/ 舛 舛 chuan3 /mistaken/erroneous/contradictory/ 寸寸cun4/a unit of length/inch/thumb/ 大 大 da4 /big/huge/large/major/great/wide/deep/oldest/eldest/ 歹 歹 dai3 /bad/wicked/evil/ 刀 刀 dao1 /knife/ 鼎 鼎 ding3/tripod/tripé/ 斗 斗 dou3 /Chinese peck/ 荳 豆 dou4 /bean/peas/feijão/ 鬥 斗 dou4 /fight/incite/

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兒 儿 er2 /son/

而而er2/and/as well as/but (not)/yet (not)/(shows causal relation)/(shows change of state)/(shows contrast)/

耳 耳 er3 /ear/

二 二 er4 /two/2/ 匚 匚 fang1/box/basket/ 方 方 fang1/square/quadrilateral/direction/just/ 非 非 fei1 /non-/not-/un-/ 飛飞fei1/to fly/ 風 风 feng1/wind/news/style/custom/manner/ 缶 缶 fou3 /pottery/cerâmica 父 父 fu4 /father/ 阜 阜 fu4 /abundant/mound/monte/pilha/ 甘 甘 gan1 /(surname)/sweet/docê 高 高 gao1 /high/tall/ 戈 戈 ge1 /(surname)/spear/lança/ 革 革 ge2 /leather/remove/couro/ 鬲鬲ge2/(surname)/earthen pot/iron caldron/pote de louça/ 艮艮gen4/a sign in trigram/ 工 工 gong1/work/worker/skill/profession/trade/craft/labor/ 弓弓gong1/a bow (weapon)/arco/ 廾 廾 gong3/hands joined/ 谷 谷 gu3 /grain/corn/ 骨 骨 gu3 /bone/ossos/ 鼓 鼓 gu3 /convex/drum/to rouse/to beat/tambor/despertar/bater 瓜 瓜 gua1 /melon/claw/gourd/squash/ 廣 广 guang3 /wide/numerous/to spread/ 龜 龟 gui1 /tortoise/turtle/ 鬼 鬼 gui3 /ghost/sly/crafty/astuto/velhaco/ 禾 禾 he2 /cereal/grain/ 黑 黑 hei1 /black/dark/ 虍虍hu1/stripes of tiger/ 戶 户 hu4 /a household/door/family/casa/ 火 火 huo3 /fire/ 几几ji3/a few/how many/ 己己ji3/6th heavenly stem/self/

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見见jian4/to see/to meet/to appear (to be sth)/to interview/ 角 角 jiao3/angle/horn/horn-shaped/chifre/ 巾 巾 jin1 /towel/pano/toalha/ 斤斤jin1/catty/weight equal to 0.5 kg/adjetivo malicioso/ 金 金 jin1 /metal/money/gold/ 韭 韭 jiu3 /leek/alho-poró 臼 臼 jiu4 /mortar/morteiro/morder/ 口口kou3/mouth/(a measure word)/boca/

老老lao3/(a prefix used before the surname of a person or a numeral indicating the order of birth of the children in a family to indicate affection or familiarity)/old (of people)/

耒 耒 lei3 /plough/arado/

裡 里 li3 /inside/internal/interior/ 力 力 li4 /power/force/strength/ 立立li4/set up/to stand/ 隸 隶 li4 /attached to/scribe/ 龍 龙 long2/dragon/imperial/Long (a surname)/ 鹿 鹿 lu4 /deer/veado/cervo/

麻麻ma2/(to have) pins and needles/tingling/hemp/numb/to bother/

馬马ma3/horse/horse chess piece/Surname/

麥 麦 mai4 /(surname)/wheat/barley/oats/trigo/ 毛 毛 mao2 /hair/pore/fur/póro/pele/ 矛 矛 mao2 /spear/lance/pike/

門 门 men2 /opening/door/gate/doorway/gateway/valve/switch/way to do something/knack/family/house/(religious) sect/school (of thought)/class/category/phylum or division (taxonomy)/

米米mi3/(measure word) meter/rice/ 糸糸mi4/fine silk/fina sêda/ 面 面 mian4/fade/side/surface/aspect/top/face/flour/noodles/ 黽 黾 min3 /toad/sapo/ 木 木 mu4 /tree/wood/árvore/madeira/

目 目 mu4 /eye/item/section/list/catalogue/table of contents/order (taxonomy)/goal/name/title/

鳥 鸟 niao3/bird/pássaro/

牛 牛 niu2 /ox/cow/bull/ 女 女 nu:3 /female/woman/

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皮 皮 pi2 /leather/skin/fur/couro/pele/ 疋疋pi3/a bolt (of cloth)/imobilizar com tecido/ 片 片 pian4/a slice/piece/flake/thin/slice/fátia/ 气 气 qi4 /air/anger/gas/raiva/gas/vapor/ 欠 欠 qian4/deficient/owe/to lack/yawn/dever/faltar/bocejo/ 青青qing1/green (blue, black)/ 凵 凵 qu1 /receptacle/receptáculo 犬 犬 quan3/dog/ 人 人 ren2 /man/person/people/ 日日ri4/Japan/day/sun/date/day of the month/ 禸禸rou2/trample/pisar com calcanhares/ 肉 肉 rou4 /meat/flesh/carne/ 入入ru4/to enter/ 色 色 se4 /color/look/appearance/ 山 山 shan1/mountain/hill/ 舌 舌 she2 /tongue/língua/

身 身 shen1/body/torso/person/life/status/pregnancy/(a measure word used for clothes) suit/

生生sheng1/to be born/to give birth/life/to grow/

尸 尸 shi1 /corpse/cadáver/ 十 十 shi2 /ten/10/ 石 石 shi2 /rock/stone/ 食 食 shi2 /animal feed/eat/food/ 矢 矢 shi3 /arrow/dart/flexa/ 豕 豕 shi3 /hog/swine/porco/ 士 士 shi4 /scholar/warrior/knight/sábio/guerreiro/cavaleiro/ 氏氏shi4/clan name/maiden name/nome de solteira,donzela/ 示 示 shi4 /to show/reveal/ 手 手 shou3/hand/convenient/

首 首 shou3/head/chief/first (occasion)/first (thing)/measure word for poems/

殳 殳 shu1 /(surname)/spear/lança/

黍 黍 shu3 /broomcorn millet/glutinous millet/painço,quirera/ 鼠 鼠 shu3 /rat/mouse/ 水 水 shui3/water/river/ 田 田 tian2/(surname)/field/farm/campo/fazenda/

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土 土 tu3 /earth/dust/terra/pó/ 瓦 瓦 wa3 /tile/telha/latrilho/azulejo/ 尢 尢 wang1/lame/coxo/manco/ 网 网 wang3/net/network/ 囗 囗 wei2 /enclosure/ 韋 韦 wei2 /(surname)/soft leather/ 文 文 wen2 /language/culture/writing/formal/literary/ 毋 毋 wu2 /no/not/ 無无wu2/-less/not to have/no/none/not/to lack/un-/ 西 西 xi1 /west/ 夕 夕 xi4 /dusk/crepúsculo,anoitecer/

香 香 xiang1 /fragrant/incense/(of food) savory/appetizing/sweet/scented/popular/

小 小 xiao3/small/tiny/few/young/

血 血 xie3 /blood/sangue/ 心 心 xin1 /heart/mind/ 辛辛xin1/8th heavenly stem/tired/cançado/

行行xing2/all right/capable/competent/OK/okay/to go/to do/to travel/temporary/to walk/to go/will do/

玄 玄 xuan2/black/mysterious/

穴 穴 xue2 /hole/cave/ 牙 牙 ya2 /tooth/ivory/dentes/marfim/ 言言yan2/to speak/to say/talk/word/ 爻爻yao2/lines on a trigram/ 頁 页 ye4 /page/leaf/página/folha/ 一 一 yi1 /one/1/single/a(n)/ 衣 衣 yi1 /clothes/

乙乙yi3/"B" (in a sequence of examples involving "A", "B", "C", etc.)/2nd heavenly stem/2nd in order/

弋 弋 yi4 /to shoot/disparar/

又 又 you4 /(once) again/also/bothand.../again/

邑 邑 yi4 /city/ 音 音 yin1 /sound/noise/news/ 用用yong4/to use/ 酉酉you3/10th earthly branch/5-7 p.m./ 魚 鱼 yu2 /fish/

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羽 羽 yu3 /feather/pena/ 雨 雨 yu3 /rain/ 玉 玉 yu4 /jade/ 聿 聿 yu4 /introductory part./pen/ 曰曰yue1/to speak/to say/ 月 月 yue4 /moon/month/ 龠 龠 yue4 /(ancient measure)/flute/

支支zhi1/(a measure word)/to support/to sustain/to erect/to raise/branch/division/to draw money/

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