Tutorial sobre o Twitter

Tutorial sobre o Twitter

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Who Is Sams Teach Yourself Twitter in 10 MinutesFor?1
What This Book Covers2
What You Need to Use This Book3
What to Expect from Here3
Beyond Teach Yourself Twitter in 10 Minutes4

Introduction 1

Viewing a Twitter Homepage8
Setting Up a Twitter Account10
What Twitter Is Not13

1 Introducing Twitter 7

Your Display Name17
Additional Profile Information19
The Importance of a Good Avatar20
Customizing Twitter27
Building the Network29

2Completing Your Profile17

Composing a “Tweet”35
Exchanging URLs in Tweets36
Posting Your Tweet38
Replying to a Tweet40
Replying to a Direct Message42

ivSams Teach Yourself Twitter in 10 Minutes

Tracking Trends on Twitter.com45
Tracking Topics Using Hashtags47
Using Twitter Search50
Tracking Your Twitter Habits with TweetStats51
Tracking Your Traffic Using Bit.ly5

4Tracking Trends and Traffic on Twitter45

Using YouTube with Twitter64
Video + Twitter = 12seconds.tv67
Power Twitter for Firefox69

5Incorporating Media with Twitter59

Downloading and Installing Twhirl76
Configuring Twhirl76
Tweeting on Twhirl79
Using Twhirl to Shorten URLs81
Using Twhirl to Share TwitPics81
Using Twhirl to Perform Twitter Searches83

6Using Third-Party Applications: Twhirl75

Installation and Initial Setup of TweetDeck8
Setting Up Groups in TweetDeck91
Tweeting from TweetDeck93
Using TweetDeck to Shorten URLs95
Using TwitPic with TweetDeck98
Using 12seconds.tv with TweetDeck100

7Using Third-Party Applications: TweetDeck87 Performing a Twitter Search with TweetDeck..........................102 vContents

TwitterRide for the G1106
Setting Up TwitterRide108

8Using Twitter on the Android G1105

TwitterBerry for the BlackBerry116
Twittelator Pro for the iPhone124

10Using Twitter on the iPhone123

Working with Twitter.com to Build Your Network136
Using Twitter Search to Build Your Network139
Using Mr. Tweet to Build Your Network141
Working with Twitalyzer145
Why Automated Services Are a Bad Idea148

11Building and Rating Your Twitter Network135

Support from Twitter.com153
Blogs and Podcasts Concerning Twitter157
Bird House Rules162
Response Menu167
Verified Accounts169
Retweeting Reimagined171

13The Latest Tweaks to Twitter165 Index 176

About the Author

Tee Morrishas been an active member of the Twitter community since 2007 and part of the Social Media movement even longer. He established himself as a pioneer of podcasting by being the first to podcast a novel in its entirety. His fantasy epic, MOREVI,was a finalist for the 2006 Parsec Award for Best Podcast Novel. That production led to the founding of Podiobooks.com, the writing of Podcasting for Dummies(with Chuck Tomasi and Evo Terra), and the writing of Expert Podcasting Practices for Dummies (with Evo Terra and Ryan Williams). In 2009, he released his third Social Media-related title, All a Twitter, from Que Publishing. Tee has spoken across the country and around the world on Social Media for Book Expo America, Blogworld, CREATE South, Te Papa Tongarewa, and LIANZA. He is also the Social Media Manager for Intersections in Chantilly, Virginia.

Along with being a Social Media specialist, Tee is a columnist and critic for AppAdvice.com and writes Science Fiction and Fantasy found in print at Dragon Moon Press and in audio at TeeMorris.com. His fantasy-detective novel, The Case of The Singing Sword: A Billibub Baddings Mystery, received an Honorable Mention for ForeWordMagazine’s 2004 Book of the Year award, was a Finalist for the 2005 Independent Publisher’s Best Science Fiction and Fantasy, and won Best Audio Drama: Long Form at the 2008 Parsec Awards.

Find out more about Tee Morris at imaginethatstudios.com and teemorris.com on the Internet.

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To those of you curious about Twitter, this book is your guide into getting in quick and discovering what the word on the Tweet is all about. Tweet unto others as you would have them tweet unto you, and have fun.


When I wrote All a Twitterearlier this year, I started off with “What. A. Ride.”because I thought the ride had hit its stride, and I was closing in on the finish line….

Then I got a phone call asking me how quickly I could turn around this book. Good thing I was that kid who loved getting back in line for the roller coaster once I got out of the exit.

Unlike All a Twitterthat is more commentary about Twitter, far-reaching in its scope and application, and involving more of the people who comprise the network, Sams Teach Yourself Twitter in 10 Minutesis the barebones, fast-and-furious, breakneck crash course on Twitter. No case studies, no opinions and editorials, no personal anecdotes. Just the facts, ma’am. I have you for 10 minutes in each chapter, so I make it count.

I do need to thank my Google phone Goddess Annette Holland (@daNanner) and my BlackBerry banditos Matt Wilkins (@mattwilkins) and Denise Gideon (@bluearyn1) for their assistance with Twitter on platforms alien to me. I reached out and they offered their support. Not that their participation comes as a surprise to me. In fact, it’s more of a testament to the power of a community and the potential Twitter has for everyone who uses it. At Twitter’s core are people, and I consider myself most fortunate to be part of such a supportive community.

Welcome to Twitter.

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Welcome to Twitter, the Social Networkingsite that was called “utterly devoid of any sort of merit” by New Zealand Herald’s CanvasMagazine, (June 6, 2009) in the same week it appeared on the cover of TIME Magazine as “a powerful form of communication” and “the future of American innovation.” This lynchpin of the Social Media movement is loved by many, scrutinized by others; but in a nutshell, Twitter is a combination of instant messengers’ immediacy, blogging’s swiftness and spontaneity in reaching many with a message, and VoIP’s capability to share and exchange media, and it does all this with a caveat that you must do this in 140 characters or less. This built-in limitation is your safeguard from Twitter becoming a timesink and a distraction. All these things have contributed to its incredible popularity and continue to make it all the talk both online and out in the real world.

This book explores what’s out there, how to make it work, and gets you up and “tweeting” in record time.

Who Is Sams Teach Yourself

Twitter in 10 Minutes For?

This intensive Twitter tutorial is designed for every level of user. Sams Teach Yourself Twitter in 10 Minutesis geared for

.People who are starting from the beginning with Twitter .Users who want to work beyond the Twitter.com homepage

.Users who want to incorporate images, audio, and video with their tweets

.Users who want to use Twitter with their smartphone

.Users experienced and new who are looking to build their networks

What This Book Covers

Twitter, in its amazing climb in notoriety, is more than the sum of its parts; and its first impression which, even TIMEadmits, isn’t the best one. This book intends to take you into the wonderful world of Twitterspeak while, at the same time, give you a complete and in-depth overview (albeit, in 10 minute chunks) of what you can do.

Sams Teach Yourself Twitter in 10 Minutesbegins with setting up an account. Although this might seem self-explanatory, many of the basic mistakes with Twitter start here. From viewing the Twitter homepages of others to making sure your profile is complete, you are given tricks and tips that can help you make the best of first impressions.

From establishing your Twitter account, you are then introduced to the art of tweeting. (Yes, we really do call ittweetingwhen you post an update or talk from one user to another.) We start with the most basic of tweets— composing a tweet and turning on your internal editor to stay under the 140-character limits—and build on these skills to incorporate URLs. We also go into various ways you can track trends and traffic using hashtags, URL shorteners, and a variety of search engines. We then go into sharing media, such as still images, audio, and video, through a variety of online utilities geared to extend Twitter’s capabilities.

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