VISUALLY Bass Guitar

VISUALLY Bass Guitar

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Bass Guitar by Ryan Williams and Richard Hammond

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Hear Audio Tracks from This Book at!

In case you need a little help in understanding how a particular piece is supposed to sound, we’ve included audio tracks from this book on our Web site. You can access those files via this link:

Here’s a list of the tracks that you’l find there:

Chapter 4 Tuning Notes

Chapter 7 The C Major Scale

Chapter 8 Simple Song in C Major Simple Song in A Minor Simple Song in G Major

Chapter 9 Chord Examples I-IV-V Progressions I-VI-IV-V Progressions I-V-I Progressions I-IV-I-V Progressions

Chapter 10 Quarter-note rhythms Eighth-note rhythms Sixteenth-note rhythms Walking Bass Blues Shuffle Rock Riffs R&B Reggae Country

Chapter 1 Slap Bass Examples

Chapter 12 Rock Bass Metal Bass Jazz and Blues Bass R&B and Funk Bass

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Bass Guitar by Ryan Williams and Richard Hammond

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Praise for the Teach Yourself VISUALLY Series

I just had to let you and your company know how great I think your books are. I just purchased my third Visual book (my first two are dog-eared now!) and, once again, your product has surpassed my expectations. The expertise, thought, and effort that go into each book are obvious, and I sincerely appreciate your efforts. Keep up the wonderful work!

—Tracey Moore (Memphis, TN)

I have several books from the Visual series and have always found them to be valuable resources.

—Stephen P. Miller (Ballston Spa, NY)

Thank you for the wonderful books you produce. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I discovered how I learn—visually. Although a few publishers out there claim to present the material visually, nothing compares to Visual books. I love the simple layout. Everything is easy to follow. And I understand the material! You really know the way I think and learn. Thanks so much!

—Stacey Han (Avondale, AZ)

Like a lot of other people, I understand things best when I see them visually. Your books really make learning easy and life more fun.

I am an avid fan of your Visual books. If I need to learn anything, I just buy one of your books and learn the topic in no time. Wonders! I have even trained my friends to give me Visual books as gifts.

—Illona Bergstrom (Aventura, FL)

I write to extend my thanks and appreciation for your books. They are clear, easy to follow, and straight to the point. Keep up the good work! I bought several of your books and they are just right! No regrets! I will always buy your books because they are the best.

—Seward Kollie (Dakar, Senegal)

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