word - 2010 - advanced - part - i

word - 2010 - advanced - part - i

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You can format a formula’s results by using the drop-down list of Number Formats in the formula dialog. The available formats are similar to those in Excel, such as Comma, Currency and Percentage.

Updating The Formula

If the figures in the table change, the formula result only updates when you print the document. If you want to see the new result on the screen, you will need to manually update the formula.

ӹTo update a formula’s result: Keyboard

1. Click on the cell containing the result 2. Press F9.


1. Right click on the formula 2. Click on UPDATE FIELD

Paste Function

When you use the PASTE FUNCTION tool into a cell, Word will detect numbers in the cells above and to the left of the current cell and may offer to sum them for you.


Positioning at the bottom of a column of numbers automatically creates a =SUM(ABOVE) function. Positioning to the right of a row of numbers automatically creates a =SUM(LEFT) function. You can also use BELOW and RIGHT to refer to adjacent cells below or to the right of formulas.

Functions You can paste in an Excel function, such as AVERAGE, COUNT or IF from a list contained in the Formula dialog.

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Advanced tables

• E.G. to count the number of entries in a column above the cell where the cursor is positioned, choose:

Nesting Functions

Once the function is pasted in, you can use cell references as earlier to edit the function if necessary. You can also ‘nest’ functions inside others using the Paste function: list.

• E.G. to add a different rating depending on the highest value in the column above, enter: =IF(MAX(ABOVE)>50000,”WELL DONE”,”TRY HARDER”)

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Advanced tables

Other features Draw A Table

You can draw a complex table — E.G. one that contains cells of different heights or a varying number of columns per row.

ӹTo draw a table Mouse

1. Click where you want to draw the table. 2. On the INSERT ribbon, in the TABLES group, click TABLE. 3. Click DRAW TABLE. 4. The pointer changes to a pencil. 5. To define the outer boundaries of the table, draw a rectangle. 6. Draw column and row lines inside the rectangle. 7. To erase a line or block of lines, under TABLE TOOLS, on the DESIGN ribbon, in the DRAW BORDERS group, click ERASER.

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Advanced tables

8. Click the line that you want to erase. When you are finished, click DRAW TABLE to continue drawing the table. 9. When you finish drawing the table, click in a cell and start typing or insert a graphic.

Repeating Table Headings

When a table spreads across more than one page, it can be useful to automatically repeat the first row(s) of the table on each page as the first row(s) will often contain headings that apply to the columns of the table. If you choose to repeat table headings, the rows you have chosen will automatically be inserted at the top of each new page the table spreads onto. To edit the heading rows or make formatting changes, you must go back to the top of the table as it is simply an image of the first row(s) on the other table pages.

ӹTo repeat table headings: Mouse

1. Select the row(s) that you wish to repeat at the top of each page that the table prints on. 2. Go to the DATA group on the LAYOUT ribbon and click the REPEAT HEADER ROWS button You will only see the repeating headings when you are in Print Layout or Print preview

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Advanced tables

Layout Options

IconFunctionRibbon & group

Draw Table - Inserts a table where you drag in the document. After creating the outside of the table, drag inside to create columns and rows.

Design, draw borders

Eraser - Removes a table cell line and merges the contents of the adjacent cells. Design, draw borders

Line Style - Choose the line style and thickness to draw your table with. Design, draw borders

Line Weight - Choose the width of the border you require.Design, draw borders

Border Colour - Choose the colour of the border you require. Design, draw borders

Borders - Allows you to add a border of some type to the table or individual cells. Design, Table styles

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