Victor Manuel Oliveira Batista

Lesson 37 - Written Assignment

Brazil it’s a country of contrasts, and has been passing though changes. In terms of drink and drive this situation is the same. The Governors many laws had made about this theme but the least one was more heavy, the Law 11.705, has been changing everything.

This law come with a repressive politic of: “the law isto berespected”. So many police officer and governor agents have been making raids in every place of country, most in the big cities like Rio de Janeiro e São Paulo.

The Brazilians commonly referred to this law as Lei Seca, or Dry Law, determines that drivers caught with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.2 grams of alcohol per liter of blood (I make a little research about!) must pay a R$ 957 fine and have their right to drive suspended for a year. To compare, this quantity is equivalent to a can of beer or a glass of wine.

This point that those elements would only show on the breathalyzer immediately after use or ingestion. They highlight the importance of observation by trained officers in determining exceptions.

Lei Seca states that drivers caught with over 0.6 grams of alcohol per liter of blood (.06 BAC level) will be arrested and may serve terms of six months to three years, with bail set at minimum value R$ 1,200.

Drink and driving is a social problem in Brazil and need especial attention of authorities. So many people have been killed by drunk drives without awareness of their actions.

Is difficult to explain about other places because the people cultures are different. However , the real solution for this type of problem is education because it is proofed, when people are more aware about their actions make something bad for others is more difficult.