Manual inversor DELTA VFD-A

Manual inversor DELTA VFD-A

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Getting Started1
Receiving Storage and Transportat ion2
Nameplate Information2
Identification of components and accessories3

Chapter 1 Introduction

Installation Requirement s5
Main Circuit Wiring6
Control Circuit Wiring9
Basic Wiring Diagram10

Chapter 2 Installation and Wiring

Description of the Digital Keypad1
Explanation of Displayed Messages12
Chapter 4 Start Up16
Chapter 5 Parameter Settings19
Chapter 6 Summary of Parameter Settings52
Chapter 7 Troubleshooting and Fault information57
Appendix A Standard Specifications61
Appendix B Serial Communications64
Appendix C Dimensions70
Appendix D Accessories List7
Appendix E EMI Filters78
Appendix F EC Declaration of Conformity79

Chapter 3 Digital Keypad Operation Appendix G NFB (No-Fuse Breaker) Specification.......................................................81


Congratulations on your purchase of the DELTA VFD-A series AC motor drive. The VFD series is a high-performance / low noise general-purpose AC motor drive, manufactured using high-quality components and incorporating the latest micro-processor technology available.

The purpose of this chapter is to provide specific, yet simple information to unpack, install, and operate the AC drive. This chapter contains information on the following:

Getting Started Receiving, Transportation, and Storage

Nameplate Information

Identification of Components and Accessories

Getting Started

This manual will help in the installation, parameter setting, troubleshooting, and maintenance of the AC drive. To guarantee safe operation of the equipment, read the following safety guidelines before connecting the drive to the AC power line. Keep this manual in a place where it is available to all users for their reference.

Warning! To avoid personal injury, do not remove the cover of the AC motor drive until all of the digital keypad “DISPLAY LED” lamps are off. The DC-link capacitor remains charged with a hazardous voltage even after input power is removed.

Warning! Do not connect or disconnect wires and connectors while power is applied to the circuit. All connections should be performed by qualified personnel.

Attention: Grounding the VFD-A drive is done by connecting the Earth Ground to the drive ground terminal.

Attention: The final enclosure for operating the AC Motor Drive must comply with the requirements of EN 50178. ( Live parts shall be arranged in enclosures or located behind barriers that meet at least the requirements of the Protective Type IP20; Top surfaces of enclosures or barriers that are easily accessible shall meet at least the requirements of the Protective Type IP40 )

Caution: There are highly sensitive components on the printed circuit boards. These components are especially sensitive to ESD (electrostatic discharge). To avoid damage to the drive, do not touch components or the circuit boards until all static control precautions have been taken.

Caution: Never connect the main circuit output terminals U, V, and W directly to the AC main circuit power supply as this will damage the drive.

Caution: Do not apply the antirust to screws for fastening drives; Please clean the drives and screws with dry cloth or alcohol, not with synthetic cleaner. Fasten the screws with washers and rated torque lest the enclosure corners of drives be distorted.

This manual is for DELTA AC Motor Drive VFD-A and VFD-H Series. For the frequency in Pr.03, Pr.04, Pr.06, Pr.16, Pr.17, Pr.18, Pr.19, Pr.20, Pr.21, Pr.2, Pr.23, Pr.36, Pr.37, Pr.47, Pr.67, Pr.68 and Pr.69, VFD-A Series can be regulated up to 400Hz and VFD-H Series up to 1500Hz.

Receiving, Storage and Transportation

The AC motor drive has gone through rigorous quality control tests at the factory before shipment. After receiving the AC drive, check for the following.


9 Check to make sure that the package includes an AC drive, the User Manual, dust covers and rubber bushings.

9 Inspect the unit to insure it was not damaged during shipment.

9 Make sure that the part number indicated on the nameplate corresponds with the part number of your order.


The AC Drive should be kept in the shipping carton before installation. In order to retain the warranty coverage, the AC drive should be stored properly when it is not to be used for an extended period of time. Some storage suggestions are:

9 Store in a clean, dry location.

9 Store within an ambient temperature range of -20°C to +60°C.

9 If possible, store in an air-conditioned environment where the relative humidity is less than 95%, non-condensing.

9 Do not store the AC drive in places where it could be exposed to corrosive gases. 9 Do not store the AC drive on a shelf or on an unstable surface.

Transportation Temperature: -25°C to +70°C; R.H.: 0% to 95%; Air Pressure: 70kPa to 106kPa.

Nameplate Information 3HP, 440V AC Drive example

INPUT: 3PH 380-480V 50/60Hz 7.2A

OUTPUT : 3PH 0-480V 5.5A 4.2KVA 3HP Frequency Range : 0.1-400Hz

AC Drive Model

Input Spec. Output Spec.

Output Frequency Range

VFD 022 A 43 A

Version type

Input voltage

21 : Single phase 220V class 23 : Three phase 220V class 43 : Three phase 440V class

A Series

Applicable motor capacity

007 : 0.75 kW 015 : 1.5 kW 022 : 2.2 kW 037 : 3.7 kW 055 : 5.5 kW 075 : 7.5 kW

Series name

Description of AC Motor Drive Model

10 : 1.0 kW 150 : 15.0 kW 185 : 18.5 kW 20 : 2.0 kW

Description of Serial Number

022A43A T 8 01 0001

Factory control code

Production number

Production week Production year

Model Name

Identification of components and accessories

Removing and Installing the Front Cover

Refer to the figure shown below to remove the front cover. To re-install the front cover, simply reverse the indicated procedures.

The front cover snaps on. Pull asThe front terminal block cover snaps
shown to remove the front coveron. Pull as shown to release cover.

♦0.75 - 1.5 KW (1-2HP) ♦2.2 - 3.7 KW (3-5HP) ♦5.5 - 2.0 KW (7.5-30HP) ♦5.5 - 2.0 KW (7.5-30HP)

1. Mounting screw holes 2. Heat sink 3. Digital keypad 4. Ventilation hole and blind plate installation position 5. Nameplate label 6. Terminal cover 7. Input / output rating 8. Cooling fan 9. External braking resistor (optional)

Removing the Digital Keypad

The digital keypad can be easily removed from the AC motor drive unit as shown below.

♦0.75 - 1.5 KW (1-2HP) ♦2.2 - 3.7 KW (3-5HP)

♦5.5 KW - 2.0 KWThe 7.5 thru 30 HP units have screws holding the digital

keypads in place. To remove the keypad, first remove the screws and then lift the keypad out of the AC drive.

♦5.5 – 7.5 KW (7.5-10HP) ♦1.0 – 2.0 KW (15-30HP)

♦Installing the Optional Remote Control Unit (RC-01)

Installation and Wiring

read and understood before the actual installation begins

Chapter 2 provides the information needed to properly install and wire the AC drive. Make sure that the AC drive is wired according to the instructions contained in this chapter. The instructions should be

Installation Requirements Wiring

Basic Wiring Diagram

Installation Requirements

Install the AC drive vertically to provide proper ventilation. Adequate space is required between the drive and a wall or other equipment. The figure below shows the minimum space needed. All enclosures must provide adequate ventilation and the internal ambient temperature must be kept at 40°C or below.


(120mm) (50mm)(50mm)

AIR 2 inches2 inches

5 inches

5 inches

Caution: The AC drive should be installed in an environment that is:

9 protected from rain or moisture; 9 protected from direct sunlight; 9 protected from corrosive gases or liquids; 9 free from airborne dust or metallic particles; 9 free from vibration; 9 free from magnetic noise

9 temperature: -10°C to +40°C; R.H.: 0% to 90%; air pressure: 86kPa to 106 kPa Violating the conditions listed above may void the warranty!

Main Circuit Wiring

(1) Power terminal block designations

Power input and output may be connected via a nine or ten position terminal block. The pin assignments are as follows:

Model Power terminal pin assignments

VFD007A21A VFD007A23A VFD015A21A VFD015A23A VFD007A43A VFD015A43B

AWG: 2-16 Torque: 10kgf-cm

RS T U V W B1 B2


AC Input Line Connection

Braking Resistor

Earth Ground

VFD022A21A VFD022A23A VFD037A23A VFD022A43A VFD037A43A

AWG:18-10 Torque: 16kgf-cm

UV W R S T B1 B2

AC Input Line Terminals



Braking Resistor

Earth Ground

VFD055A23B VFD075A23B

VFD055A43B VFD075A43B

AWG: 14-8 Torque: 20kgf-cm

R S T U W N P/B1 B2V

AC Input Line Terminals



Braking Resistor

Earth Ground

VFD110A23A VFD150A23A VFD185A23A VFD220A23A VFD110A43A VFD150A43A VFD185A43A VFD220A43A

AWG:10-2 Torque: 52kgf-cm

R/L1 S/L2 T/L3 +1 N(-) U/T1 V/T2 W/T3+2

AC Input Line Terminals



Motor Connection

Earth Ground

For VFD-A Series 15-30HP (VFD110A23A/43A, VFD150A23A/43A, VFD185A23A/43A, VFD220A23A/43A), the ring terminals below are suggested to be used when proceeding with main circuit wiring:

Vendor AWG Vendor Part NO.

Moles 2 (Red) G-975-14 4 (Yellow) F-966-14 6 (Blue) E-957-14 8 (Red) D-950-14

AMP : ECBT 2 320383 4 33469

(2) Power block terminal designations

Terminals Description

R, S, T AC input line terminals U, V, W Motor connection P/B1, B2 Connection for the regenerative resistor (option) P/B1, N Connection for the braking unit

Ground (connect appropriate ground wire to avoid electrical shock and noise interference)

(3) Terminal dimensions

VFD007A21A⋅VFD007A23A VFD022A21A⋅VFD022A23A VFD055A23B⋅VFD075A23B

Model VFD015A21A⋅VFD015A23A VFD037A23A VFD055A43B⋅VFD075A43B VFD007A43A⋅VFD015A43B VFD022A43A⋅VFD037A43A

Terminal Terminal diameter Terminal width Terminal diameter Terminal width Terminal diameter Terminal width

Spec. M3 7 m M3.5 8 m M4 10 m VFD110A23A⋅VFD110A43A

Model VFD150A23A⋅VFD150A43A VFD185A23A⋅VFD185A43A


Terminal Terminal diameter Terminal width

Spec. M6 18.5mm


9 The user must provide a circuit breaker or disconnect switch and fuses in accordance with all applicable electrical codes.

9 Make sure that the leads are connected correctly and the AC drive is properly grounded. (Ground leads should be at least the same size wire as the input leads R, S, and T.)

9 Use ground leads that comply with AWG standards. Make the length of these ground leads as short as possible.

9 Should several AC drive units be installed side by side, all the units should be grounded directly to the ground poles. Do not form a loop with the ground leads.

9 Make sure that the power source supplies the correct voltage and is capable of supplying the required current to the AC drive. Refer to specification for “Rated AC Input Power.” Motor Voltage should match the line voltage.

9 When power is applied to the AC drive, the DC bus charge indicator LED will be on.

9 For single phase applications, the AC input line can be connected to any two of the three input terminals R, S, T. A single phase VFD-A drive can be powered from three phase as well as single phase. Note: This drive is not intended for use with single-phase motors.

9 When the AC drive output terminals U, V, and W are connected to the motor terminals

U, V, and W, respectively, the motor will rotate counter-clockwise (viewed from the shaft of the motor as shown below) if a forward operation command is entered (FWD lamp is ON).

Forward running

9 To reverse the direction of rotation, interchange any two connections of the three motor leads.

9 The control lines and power lines (R,S,T;U,V,W;P,N,B1,B2) should be separated and avoid parallel wiring lest it should generate noise and cause mis-operation.

Caution: Do not attach or remove wiring or connectors when power is applied to the AC drive. Do not monitor the signals at any point on the circuit board while the AC drive is in operation.

Caution: Do not connect the AC input to any of the U, V, W terminals, as this will damage the AC drive.

Control Circuit Wiring

(1) Control terminal block designations

The control leads must be routed separately from the power supply and motor leads. They must not be fed through the same cable conduit.

Terminal Symbol

220V/440V Class 1∼5HP (AWG: 28 – 14; Torque:4 kgf-cm)


220V/440V Class 7.5∼30HP (AWG: 24 – 12; Torque:4 kgf-cm) RA ACIAVI+10VRB RC MO1 ACMAFMMCM XXMO2MI1 RSTREV FWDMI2 MI3 DCMTRGEF SGSG+DFM

(2) Control terminal block descriptions

Close Contacts between Terminals Terminals Use Function

RA - RC Multi-function indication output contact Refer to Chapter 5, Pr.57

RB - RC Multi-function indication output contact MI1 - DCM Multi-function input 1 MI2 - DCM Multi-function input 2 Refer to Chapter 5, Pr.39, 40, 41 MI3 - DCM Multi-function input 3 REV - DCM Reverse / Stop “Open”→stop, “Close” → Reverse FWD - DCM Forward / Stop “Open”→stop, “Close” → Forward RST - DCM Reset “Close” → Reset EF - DCM External fault “Close” → External fault DFM - DCM Digital frequency meter Digital frequency output (0, +10 V) TRG - DCM Counter trigger input “Open”→“Close”:(counter value)+1 MO1 - MCM Multi-function PHC output 1 Refer to Pr.45, 46 MO2 - MCM Multi-function PHC output 2 (open collector output) +10V - ACM Power supply for speed setting +10 V (20 mA max. output current) AVI - ACM Analog voltage input 0 ∼10 V (Max. output freq.) input ACI - ACM Analog current input 4 ∼20 mA (Max. output freq.) input

AFM - ACM Analog frequency/current meter 0 ∼10 V (Max. output freq.) output

SG+ - SG- Serial communication interface RS-485 serial port +EV - DCM Auxiliary control power source DC 20V ~ 24V (50mA Max.)

Note: Use twisted-shielded or twisted-pair shielded-lead wires for the control signal. It is recommended to run signal wiring in a separate steel conduit. The shield wire should only be connected at the drive.

Basic Wiring Diagram


Multi-function input 1

Analog frequency/current meter

P/B1 B2N Braking resistior(option)

Power source 3 phase 200-240V or 380-480V 50/60Hz


Grounding VFD-A

RC Multi-function indication output contact


AC 250V 2A below DC 30V 2A below and fuse

+10V AVI

Frequency setting

DFM Digital signal common

Current input

Multi-function input 2


External fault Counter trigger input

Digital frequency meter

Multi-function input 3 REV/STOP(REV/STOP) FWD/STOP(RUN/STOP)

Analog signal common

48V 50mA below

Multi-function PHC output 2 Multi-function PHC output 148V 50mA below}

SGRS-485 Serial interface PC

AC Motor Drive

Signal + Signal -

Notes A: Refer to Pr.39, 40, 41 on page 35.

Refer to Pr.38 on page 34. Refer to Pr.45, 46 on page 38 and Pr.63, 64, 6 on pages 45 and 46. Refer to Pr.43 on page 36. Refer to Pr.0 on page 21, Pr.48, 49 on page 39. Refer to Pr.42, 4 on pages 36 and 37.

Refer to Pr.57 on page 42.7 indicates shielded leads and twisted-pair shielded leads. Terminal symbols :shows main circuit;shows control circuit;

Notes B: 1.

Refer to Pr.0, 01 on page 21 and Pr.7, 78 on page 50.9 Refer to Pr.45, 46 on page 38.8

+EVDC 20V ~ 24V ( 50mA Max. )

0- +10V 1K- 5K

4 - 20ma

Use a disconnect

Wiring diagram and programming for the RC-01 external control.

MI1 or MI2 or MI3


Pr. 0 =d001 Pr. 01 = d001 or d002 Pr. 38 = d0001 Pr. 39, Pr. 40 or Pr. 41 =d0003 Note: Pr. 41 > Pr. 40 > Pr. 39

Digital Keypad Operation

Chapter 3 describes the various controls and indicators found on the digital keypad of the VFD-A AC drive. The information in this chapter should be read and understood before performing the start-up procedures described in Chapter 4.

Description of the Digital Keypad Explanation of Screen Display

Digital Keypad Operating Modes & Programming steps

Description of the Digital Keypad

Digital Keypad Parts and Functions

This digital keypad module includes two parts: display panel and a keypad. The display panel allows the user to program the AC drive, as well as view the different operating parameters. The keypad is the user interface to the AC motor drive. Refer to the following figure for a description of the different parts.


Up and down keys

Forward / Reverse key Jog key

Run key

LED displayLED indication

Program / Reset key

Starts inverter drive operation.

Indicates frequency, motor current and alarm contents.

Sets the parameter number or changes the numerical data such as the frequency reference.

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