The cult of the amateur by andrew keen

The cult of the amateur by andrew keen

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The Cult of the Amateur By Andrew Keen

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Comments on Keen

Many people have referred to Keen as being a “Luddite “ think that's something I've been painted as by some of my more reactionary critics […] The techno-utopians, technophiles, whatever you want to call them-- they can't accept the fact that one can be critical of technology and not be a


“Elitist?” deserve favored treatment by virtue of their perceived superiority, as in intellect, social status, or financial resources

“I must confess, that as a writer, I remain a bit of an amateur. This is my first book and I’m still learning the craft of this complex business” (Keen, 223).


“I'm certainly not being hypocritical. I think I'm being very provocative in a sense. It gives me great satisfaction to be arguing against blogs, have a blog and be pointed out as this profound hypocrite.”

*Side note on rebellion of medium

Debate Between Chris Anderson and Andrew Keen Andrew Keen

Chris Anderson Democracy and capitalism are the least bad models, and are behind Web 2.0

Key concepts BUG4KLP3CL1.DTL&type=tech

Use of New Media by Fiction Writers

Amateur fiction posted on the internet is nothing new It’s been around for as long as the internet itself

This began to change in mid-2000s with the advent of “podcast novels”

Amateur authors began releasing their work as free, self-produced, downloadable audiobooks, some of surprisingly good quality

First “podcast-only novel” was Scott Sigler’s Earthcore, which he released as a free audiobook in 2005 after a print deal with AOL Time Warner fell through

Hundreds of wannabe authors have since emulated the podcast novel format, leading to the creation of, where literally thousands of free podcast novels are available

The good news, however, is that this approach can work A few podcast novelists have made successful transitions to print

Mur Lafferty’s Playing for Keeps, originally a free audiobook, was released in print and made’s bestseller list

Scott Sigler, who pioneered the podcast novel format, made the New York Times bestseller list with the hardcover release of his horror novel Contagious


The bad news is that it's probably more difficult to get it to work now

Worked out great for the early adopters, but late-comers will have a harder time

But, at least in this case, New Media and Old Media are not in conflict

The goal of many podcast novelists is to transition to Old Media, rather than compete with it

Sigler and Lafferty both remain committed to the New Media format, despite their successful transitions to the Old Media equivalent

In the case of podcast novelists, Keen’s criticisms of New Media do not seem to hold true

The Best Things in Life, Free or Not?

Well if you say NOT, then you should stop using Wikipedia. According to Keen the best things in life are not free.

Wikipedia is free with anyone being able to add or edit the information, as opposed to the Encyclopedia Britannica.

most trafficked website, not even close to Wikipedia which is ranked at 17th, according to Keen in his book “The Cult of the Amateur.”

Liquid Library digitalize all books “into a single universal and open-source free hypertext—like a literary Wikipedia”


The Blogosphere is the collective community of blogs (there are millions of blogs on the Internet today). Collectively, blogs are a social network.

Types of blogs Corporate

Blogs can be good and bad

Keen dislikes blogs because They are anonymous

Biased- “We seek out the information that mirrors our own biases and opinions and conforms with our distorted versions of reality.”

Craigslist Founded in 1995 by Craig Newmark

Keen states it “has done more to undermine classified newspaper advertising than any other single institution.”

Cost of Democratization Free advertising takes away from paid newspaper listings

According to Pew Internet and American Life Project, number of people using online advertising rose 80% in 2005, with almost 9 million of those using free service on



Truth and Lies

– Jason Fortuny exposing dozens of men responding to what they thought was a female identity in the “casual encounters” section Admits.Role.In.Online.Scam-3622869.html

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