Altai A2e

WiFi Access Point/Bridge (802.11n capable)

The Altai A2e WiFi Access Point/Bridge is designed to be used in Altai Super WiFi systems as high capacity directional access point and long rangebridge with flexible external high gain antennas. It is capable of providing the highest possible data throughput and capacity that the 802.11n standards can offer, and at the same time is backward compatiable to standard 802.11a/b/g.

The A2e can be used as a standalone access point for directional coverage. With built-in 2.4 GHz high gain panel antenna, it can be used to provide simple and cost effective long range sector coverage. The single-sided coverage makes installation simple by just mounting at building wall side.

As the system capacity of a network covered by the A8 Super WiFi Base Station needs to increase, the A2e Access Point/Bridge can be used to double the user capacity, or to increase the network throughput by 6 times supported by the 11n. The A2e can be installed exactly where the capacity requirement is the greatest, with appropriate fast Ethernet or 5 GHz wireless backhaul. As a whole, it enables network operators to take advantage of the cost savings provided by the A8 Super WiFi Base Station s 10X greater coverage area when a WiFi system is initially installed, and to subsequently enhance the coverage and capacity where and when it is needed.

The A2e Access Point/Bridge has both a high capacity 2.4 GHz (2x2 802.11bgn) broadcast radio and a 5 GHz (2x2 802.11an) backhaul radio. The 5 GHz radio provides 2 external antenna ports connection which allows user to choose exactly the type of high gain panel antennas they wanted for distance and throughput exceeding what A2 s builtin antenna allows.

Besides the point-to-point long range bridging uses, the A2e also supports point-to-multi-point high throughput bridging. This is a cost effective method in building high definition video surveillance network within building complex, without the costly cabling.

A2e Access Point/Bridge provides the most cost effective and versatile way to build the backhaul network and to enhance a WiFi system capacity. When combined with the A8 Super WiFi Base Station, it can create possibly the most cost-effective high capacity WiFi network system.

As an integral part of our Super WiFi network infrastructure, the Altai A2e provides the following:

Built-in 2.4 GHz high gain panel antenna for high capacity directional AP applications External 5 GHz high gain panel antenna for long range high throughput PTP/PTMP bridging

IP-67 rated carrier grade product for both outdoor and indoor applications

Multi-operating modes allowed: AP, bridge, repeater mode or CPE

Increase system capacity under the coverage area of A8 Super WiFi Base Station

Fast Ethernet or 2 x 2 802.11a/n wireless backhaul

PTP and PTMP bridging with optional external dual polarized panel or omni antennas

Light weight with built-in lightning protection

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Altai A2e WiFi Access Point/Bridge

Wireless Interface

802.11b/g/n (2x2) Radio Operating Mode Access Point/CPE/

Repeater* Standard IEEE 802.11b/g/n

Transmit Power 26 dBm (max.)

HT40 -92 dBm Transmit and Receive Diversity

Automatic Channel Assignment

Site Survey/ Channel Scan

802.11a/n (2x2) Radio Operating Mode Point to Point Bridging

Point to Multi-point Bridging (Up to 4 peers) Standard IEEE 802.11a/n

Dimension 220 x 220 x 60 m Weight 1.3 kg (Unit Weight) / 4.4 kg (Gross Weight) Mounting Pole or Wall-mounted

Web-based Administration Tool Telnet Management

Remote Firmware Upgrade (HTTP, FTP)

SNMP v1/ v2c, Altai MIB

SNMP Manager Access Control List

Performance Monitoring

WiFi Client Association Status

Syslog Support

802.11b/g/n Authentication Open system, Shared key, WPA/ WPA-PSK WPA2/ WPA2-PSK 802.1x (PEAP, TLS, TTLS) Encryption WEP, TKIP, AES

Rogue AP Detection

MAC based Access Control

SSID Suppression

Inter/ Intra-VAP client communication control

802.11a/n Encryption WEP, AES

16 Multiple SSID/ Virtual AP User Limit Per SSID

VLAN/ Configurable Management VLAN

DHCP Client/ Server/ Relay

Dynamic NAT

PPPoE Client, PPPoE Pass-through

VPN Pass-through

Switch and Gateway Mode

10/100 Mbps Ethernet Port

Radius Server Per VAP Support

2-level Login*

Power Source PoE Injector (48 V) Power Consumption 15 W (Typical) / 30 W (Max.)

Operating Temperature

Ambient -3 °C to +5 °C PoE Power Injector 0 °C to +60 °C Storage Temperature -40 °C to +80 °C

Humidity 0 95% (Non-condensing)

Lightning Protection IEC 1000-4-2/

Instant Surge 4 KV

Wind Loading 90 mph (Operational) 125 mph (Survival) Weatherproof IP67 Compliant


Altai Technologies Limited A2e-PB-110614


* Will be available in future

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Power Supply Environmental Specification



Standard Package A2e WiFi Bridge/ Access Point with Built-in 2.4 GHz Panel

Antenna PoE Injector and Mounting Accessories

5 GHz Antennas (optional)

Product Ordering Information

Physical Specification


2.4 GHz Antenna Built-in Antenna 13 dBi Flat Panel

Polarization Dual Linear –45°

3-dB Horizontal Beamwidth 37°

3-dB Vertical Beamwidth 33°

Impedance 50 Ù

Front-to-back Ratio 20 dB (Max.)

Isolation Between Ports 20 dB (Min.)

5 GHz Antenna External Antenna 20dBi Panel (±45 °)/9dBi Omni

Antenna Connector 2 x N-female