Professional Access 2013 Programming

Professional Access 2013 Programming

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PROFESSIONAL Access® 2013 Programming

PROFESSIONAL Access® 2013 Programming

Teresa Hennig Ben Clothier

George Hepworth Dagi (Doug) Yudovich

Professional Access® 2013 Programming

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To my family and my dearest friends — you are my inspirations, role models and mentors. Whatever I am facing, I can fi nd strength and guidance by thinking of what my Mom, Papa, Dad, or brother might say or do. Every day I have reasons to say thank you for teaching us to work, to accept responsibility for our actions, to do the right thing, and to help others. You taught us to do what we enjoy and to do our best. What a great formula to be happy, energized, and resilient, and to appreciate all that we have! You set the foundation for me to embrace the thrills, lessons, and adventures in life. And, throughout life, to be compassionate and to give generously — especially laughter and smiles, a hug or a helping hand.

—Teresa Hennig

To Suzanne and Harry, for being just plain awesome. I couldn’t have done it without you two!

—Ben Clothier

I want to dedicate my part in this book to my mother and father, who not only brought me into the world, but showed me how to live properly once I got here.

Family comes fi rst, but that is easy when you have a family like mine. To my siblings, JoAnna, Tom, Sam, Jack, Nancy, and Jane: Your encouragement (and unusually high tolerance for bad jokes, lies, and war stories) helps keep me going.

Thanks. I promise I’l update the family website again soon. I also need to make special mention of my daughter, Lyndsey; you give me reason to be proud every day. Love ya, sweetie. We’l make up for the missed weekend dinners soon.

—George Hepworth

To my wife, Lisa, who still patiently picks up the slack as I dive head-fi rst into new adventures. None of it would have been possible without you. I love you.

—Dagi Yudovich


PROJECT EDITOR Christina Haviland

TECHNICAL EDITORS F. Scott Barker Jerry Dennison Jerry Wood


COPY EDITOR Nancy Rapoport

EDITORIAL MANAGER Mary Beth Wakefi eld










PROOFREADER Sarah Kaikini, Word One New York

INDE XER John Sleeva



TERESA HENNIG has been an Access developer and business consultant since 1997, when she decided to start her own business on the second day that she used Access. Her company’s name, Data Dynamics Northwest, aptly refl ects her dynamic personality and her innate ability to quickly grasp a situation, formulate and implement a solution, and motivate others. With a strong background in business and project management, Teresa focuses on providing intuitive, cost-effective solutions that support all levels of an organization. One of her favorite aspects of being a consultant is working with an endless variety of businesses across many industries and in numerous locations.

As a self-taught developer, Teresa quickly became involved with the Seattle Access Group and has been the President since 1999. It wasn’t long before she was asked to help run, and then became President of, the Pacifi c Northwest Access Developer Group. Her fi rst book Access 2003 Programmer’s Reference (Wiley, 2003) opened the door to new opportunities to help fellow developers share their passion and expertise with the community. Over the past 10 years, Teresa has helped dozens of colleagues to become authors, editors and contributors. This is her sixth book, and she already has requests to do more.

Teresa has been recognized as a Microsoft MVP continuously since 2006, and has twice earned INETA’s National Community Champion award. Teresa thrives on challenges, project management, and creating cost-effective solutions. Her skills for motivating and helping others are refl ected in her contributions to the developer community and support of numerous non-profi t organizations. She is expanding her reach by doing presentations and offering customized training, mentoring, and consulting for database development as well as business and project management. You can contact Teresa at to learn more about any of these services. You can also read about some of her adventures and charitable endeavors by visiting her website,

BEN CLOTHIER is a Lead Developer with IT Impact, Inc., a premier Access and SQL Server development shop based in Chicago, Illinois. He has worked as a freelance consultant with notable shops including J Street Technology and Advisicon, and has worked on Access projects from small, one-man solutions to company-wide lineof-business applications. Notable projects include job tracking and inventory for a cement company, a Medicare insurance plan generator for an insurance provider, and order management for an international shipping company.

Ben is an administrator at UtterAccess and was a coauthor, with Tim Runcie and George Hepworth, on Microsoft Access in a SharePoint World (Advisicon, 2011), and a contributing author for Access 2010 Programmer’s Reference (Wiley, 2010). He is a certifi ed MySQL 5.0 Developer and a Microsoft Certifi ed Technology Specialist for SharePoint 2010 confi gurations. He has been a Microsoft MVP since 2009.

Ben lives in San Antonio, Texas with his wife, Suzanne, and his son, Harry.

GEORGE HEPWORTH began his Access career by creating tools to track sales and exam results for his business, which created and sold training and exam materials. Realizing that Access databases were more interesting and rewarding than writing training materials, he soon transitioned to full-time Access development and started his company, Grover Park Consulting (, specializing in resuscitating “owner-built” Access databases for small- and medium-sized organizations. As a self-taught developer, George believes that any day on which he doesn’t learn at least one new thing is a day wasted.

George is a database developer for Data and Domains, a development organization near Bellevue, Washington, creating Access and Access/SQL Server solutions for clients in the Puget Sound region. George is part of the administrator team, and a regular contributor, at UtterAccess, the most popular Access support site on the Internet. He is the author or contributor to several books on Access, and a presenter at the Pacifi c Northwest Access Developer Group and Seattle Access Group.

George holds a BS in English and an MA in TESL from Utah State University. And now, George’s daughter and his money go to Seattle University.

DAGI (DOUG) YUDOVICH is the Assistant Director of Departmental Computing for the University of Washington School of Medicine. One of the department’s primary BI responsibilities is developing database solutions using Access and SQL Server.

Doug is an Administrator on UtterAccess forums and the UtterAccess wiki. Doug was a contributing author to Microsoft Access Small Business Solutions and the Access 2010 Programmer’s Reference. Additionally, Doug is an active member of the Pacifi c Northwest Access Developers Group (PNWADG) and a presenter in the Seattle Access Group (SAG). Doug has been awarded the Access MVP award since 2009.

JERRY DENNISON has over 20 years of professional experience in the design and development of Microsoft Access database applications. He was one of the coauthors of Microsoft Access 2010 Programmer’s Reference (Wiley, 2010) and a contributing editor on other Access books. Jerry was a four-year recipient of the Microsoft Offi ce Access MVP award and is considered by his peers to be one of the foremost experts on the forms of data normalization.

Jerry is the owner of TradeIt! Software Support Services, where he provides database consulting for businesses and other Access developers. He is an automation engineer at Rexam Healthcare Packaging, where he has worked for 2 years providing design, installation, and service support for automated inspection and test systems.

Jerry lives with his wife of 24 years in Hixson, Tennessee.

PATRICK WOOD is the founder of Gaining Access Technologies, which provides consulting and custom software development. Originally a minister with a bachelor’s degree in biblical studies, he decided one day while he was between churches to develop an application to manage the many tasks involved with small- to medium-sized churches. That sparked his interest in Microsoft Access development, which led to the founding of his company. He learned ASP.NET to build the company website, and began developing

SQL Server and Azure SQL databases. Pat’s articles about cutting-edge technology software development have been featured on several websites. He received the MVP Award for Microsoft Access in 2011.

Pat still preaches at a small country church and enjoys taking walks, playing the guitar, hunting and fi shing, and spending time with his wife and three young grandsons.

F. SCOTT BARKER is the owner of AppsPlus, where he develops software for industries ranging from government agencies, insurance companies, banks, medical analysis fi rms, and even for Microsoft. Scott is a former Microsoft MVP and Microsoft employee, and was a member of the original Access team. He is also the author of a number of books on programming techniques using Microsoft technologies.

LEO (theDBguy™) is an Access MVP and moderator of the UtterAccess (UA) Forums. Since joining UA in 2007, Leo has made over 50,0 posts responding to questions and solving worldwide database dilemmas. Leo is a renowned Access expert with over 17 years of experience creating complex and intuitive Access solutions. He currently works as a Knowledge Manager for the Navy and manages the SharePoint portal for his command, which supports over 1500 sites and more than 50 users.

Leo’s free time is dedicated to his family and to helping others leverage the powers of Access. In addition to being an active member and presenter at the Access User Group of San Diego, he also shares his expertise through his website at and his blog site at

GREG LINDHORST is the Principal Program Manager for Microsoft Access. He has been a member of the Microsoft Access engineering team since 2006, specializing in Access web apps and the programming model. Greg is a 20-year veteran at Microsoft, where he has worked on a wide range of application development tools in Offi ce and Visual Studio.

TOM VAN STIPHOUT is an Access MVP and the software development manager for Kinetik I.T. (, a premier provider of website design, SEO Internet marketing, software development, and computer network services and solutions in Phoenix, Arizona. Tom can be reached at

JACK D. LEACH is an Access MVP with a strong background in the manufacturing business. He runs Dymeng Services (, a software development company in upstate New York, specializing in database and website solutions for small businesses. Jack can be found on as jleach and at

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