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Mega-Excavation Machines

This scene depicts a laser excavator. Such devices, directed via satellite, are capable of fusing the earth beneath it into a molten, magmalike material, thus contouring the earth to aid in the construction of canals, roads, and waterways.

Automated Tunnel Assembling Machine

Tunnel segments float down canals by the use of large flotation devices. This automated tunnel-assembling machine lifts prefabricated segments and places them in the required positions. Once completed the tunnels are used for high-speed mag-lev transportation.

The Construction of Towers

These towers are designed specifically for regions where earthquakes are prevalent. Such cable-suspended structures easily withstand a wide range of movement, stresses, and strains. Circular towers radially arranged are self-erected efficiently and rapidly around a central core that houses elevators and all other household utilities. The transl generators, and the intensity of the light entering the windows is varied electronically. All window cleaning and maintenance is automated.

ucent windows serve as photovoltaic

Massive Lifting Crane

This multi-function crane is designed to lift freeform structures and position them on foundations and stilts or transfer them to vertical lift systems that place the units on towers. Upon completion of their task, these self-erecting cranes are disassembled into a compact form for easy transportation to the next assignment.

Mass-Produced Extruded Dwellings

Lift and Positioning Crane

This automated machine places these prefabricated dwellings at on-site locations.

This demonstrates how lightweight carbon fiber-reinforced concrete apartment dwellings are produced as continuous extrusions and then separated. The outer shells of these efficient structures serve as photovoltaic generators.

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