QIGONG - the secret of youth

QIGONG - the secret of youth

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You can see from the last section that the Yi Jin Jing and Xi Sui Jing have had a significant effect on Chinese culture. These two classics are the fruit of Chinese cul ture, and have been tasted for more than one thousand years. Now, the world is different. Ancient secrets are revealed. Different cultures from different races finally have a chance to look at each other. It is rime for us to open our minds to other cul tures and even adopt their good parts. These two classics have brought the Chinese people the great fortune of good health. I believe that if Western society can open irs mind to study them, it will gain far more than anyone can predict. I would like to dis cuss this subject in three parts.

1.4.1 Religion

With the improvement of communication since the beginning of this century, countries which used to dose their gates to anything foreign have gradually opened. The exchange of culture, knowledge, and experiences has increased significantly in the last two decades. However, in the domain of religion, the situation remains the same as in the last century. Religious groups continue to build up walls to separate them selves from other religions, especially those from different cultures.

Because of this, the progress of religious education has stagnated or even gone backward. Fewer and fewer people believe in God or Buddha. The power of the reli gions which used to dominate and control morality in society has been weakening. More and more people have lost the feeling for and understanding of the meaning of life. The responsibility for the development of spiritual science has been taken over by nonreligious groups. The main reason for this is simply that almost all religious preaching and education still remain at the pre-scientific stage. While science is rapid ly advancing, and people are much better educated than ever, the old methods of study, research, and preaching have lost their power to persuade people. The old ideas

The Value of the Yi Jin Jing and Xi Sui Jing in Today's World of morality and the superstitious methods of persuasion no longer fir in our modern society.

Spiritual questions have always caused people a lor of confusion and doubt. I believe that the development of spiritual science has never been so important in human history. So many people today need a sense of direction for their lives, one which can be understood in the light of roday's science. They need contemporary answers to contemporary questions. I sincerely believe that if all of the religions could open their minds, share their experiences, and study together, they would be able to find a modern way to regain people's belief and support, and continue to be the spir itual leaders of our society.

The Yi Jin Jing and Xi Sui Jing are only a small parr of Chinese spiritual science.

Both Buddhism and Daoism have had nearly two thousand years to study man's inner feelings and spiritual enlightenment. I believe that if the Western religions can open their minds, study them, and select the good parts to mix with their own, a new reli gious revolution can be expected.

1.4.2 Martial Arts

Though traditional martial arts training is nor as important as in ancient rimes, when an individual's power and fighting techniques were the decisive factors in barrie, martial arts training still remains of value. It has many purposes today, the most com mon being the strengthening of the physical body and the maintenance of health. Though many other sports can serve the same purpose, Chinese martial arts are the product of thousands of years of experience, and the theory and philosophy are much deeper. Like Western classical music, the deeper you dig, the more depth you find. Another common use of the martial arts is for self-cultivation. This is so because their training is nor just physical. In order to reach the higher levels of competence, you have to conquer yourself. One of the main reasons that parents send their children to martial arts schools is to learn self-discipline. Through the training, children learn responsibility, patience, perseverance, respect for culture and tradition, and most important of all, they develop the willpower which is so essential to achieve any kind of goal.

Another reason that many people study the martial arts is that they are looking for the meaning oflife. The martial arts, like classical music and art, are profound because they developed our of an enormous accumulation of human experience. As you immerse yourself in the study of one of these arts, you are able to find the peace with in yourself to analyze what is happening in your life. This is especially true for practitioners of the internal martial arts.

You can see that the Chinese martial arts today have become a sport, a form of self cultivation, and a way to achieve a peaceful life. You can see why the internal spiritual arts have reached such a high level in the Chinese martial arts. Internal spiritual culri-

Chapter 1 : Introduction vacion is pare of the arts and cannot be separated from them. This has been the case in China since 500 A.D. Regardless of which martial style one studies in China, it must have both external techniques and internal Qigong power training.

However, when the Oriental martial arcs were imported to the Western world, because of the traditional secrecy, the modern life-style, and the different cultural background, there was a separation between the training of the external techniques and the internal cultivation. This has made the arcs and the training incomplete. Many Western martial artists have only learned the external training, and a large number only use the arts as a way to make money. The true meaning and content have been revised. Many people consider the Oriental martial arts to be simply fighting tech niques, and they totally ignore the internal cultivation. This has caused the general public to despise and downgrade chis highly elegant art. This situation was especially true during the 1960's.

This situation has only begun to change in the last ten years. With the increase of communication and cultural exchange between China and the Western world, the arts are finally beginning to be understood. More people understand acupuncture and Qi theory, and they have learned a new respect for the Chinese martial arcs, especially for Taijiquan, which has spread to every corner of the world. It is now rime for the Western martial arts community to change its point of view and study one seep fur ther. The internal aspect of the arts must be understood and combined with the external training. I predict chat any martial style char doesn't start chis now will be con sidered outdated in another ten or twenty years. The internal aspect of the oriental martial arcs was kept secret, bur now it has been revealed. Any martial artist who does nor grasp chis opportunity co learn is limiting his arc to the external. The internal aspect of Chinese martial arts training will be discussed in the book: Qigong and the

Martial Arts which will be published at a later dare.

Yi Jin Jing and Xi Sui Jing Qigong are the foundation of the internal training in the martial arts. For example, "Iron Shirr" was a product of the Yi Jin Qigong. Internal "Light Gongfu" was a result of the Xi Sui Jing training. Any martial artist who would like to enter the internal aspect of cultivation must first understand these two classics. You can see char because of the changes in the last ten years, the internal arts are mov ing up, and the external arcs are moving down. I can easily predict char in the near future, any martial school char does nor get involved in the internal aspect of training will find irs business declining. When people look for a suitable master for themselves or their children, they must first determine how much each master really knows. Does he train only the external, or both external and internal? And what is his morality?

I believe char if there is a set of Qigong books available it will greatly help people to understand the mystery of Qigong and the internal arts, and stay on the right path. I hope co provide such a set with chis series of books, and I sincerely hope char other people who are experienced in the internal arcs will also publish their knowledge.

How to Approach This Book

1.4.3 Medical Science

Other than improving health, two of the most significant achievements which can be obtained from Yi Jin Jing and Xi Sui Jing training are longevity and a deeper spir itual life. Long life has been a major concern of mankind, and it is a major subject of modern medical research. Since the Yi ]in Jing and Xi Sui Jing offer proven theory and training methods, it would be wise for modern medicine to study and research them. Naturally, first modern science must reach an understanding of internal energy (Qi), which is still new to it. It is only in the last decade that Qi is beginning to be under stood as bioenergy. Hopefully, modern science may be able to find quicker and easier ways to achieve the same results as the Yi Jin Jing and Xi Sui Jing.

In order to have a calm and peaceful mind, you must first have a healthy brain.

This is achieved by leading Qi to nourish the brain. You next have to learn how to reg ulate your emotional mind and keep your mental center. This training can be a highly effective way to deal with mental problems which modern science cannot heal.

For a normal, healthy person, the training of these two classics is probably one of the most efficient ways to maintain and improve physical and mental health. They should be able to provide modern science with many useful ideas for research into longevity and mental illness.


In order to accept the challenge of studying this old science, we must have a mod ern, scientific attitude. This is especially necessary for the Yi Jin Jing and Xi Sui Jing because of the mystery which has surrounded them. I would like to recommend some attitudes which will be very useful during your study.

No prejudices. All cultures and traditions which have survived must have their benefits. Perhaps some of them do not fit into our modern world, but they still deserve our respect. Remember, if you get rid of your past, you have pulled out your root. Naturally, you should not be stubborn and claim that the traditional culture is absolutely right or claim that an alien culture must be better than the one you have grown up in. You should keep the good parts of the traditional and absorb the best of the alien.

Be neutral in your judgement. You should consider every new statement you read from the viewpoint of both your emotional feelings and the judgement of your wis dom. You should always consider your emotions, but they should not dominate your judgement. Be Scientific. Although there are many phenomena which still cannot be explained by modern science, you should always remember to judge events scientifi cally. This will lead to the development of new science. You should use modern equipment to test phenomena when possible.

Chapter 1 Introduction

Be logical and make sense. When you read or study, in your mind you should always ask, "Is it logical and does it make sense?" When you keep these questions in mind, you will think and understand instead of believing blindly.

Respect prior experience. Prior experience which has been passed down is the root of research. You should always be sincere and respectful when you study the past. The past helps you to understand the present. By understanding the present, you will be able to create the future. The accumulation of experience is the best teacher. You should respect the past, be cautious about the present, and challenge the future.

China has more than 7000 years of culture, and it has brought forth many bril liant accomplishments. Qigong is only one of them. In all of human history, there has never been such open communication among different cultures as is happening in our time. It is our responsibility to encourage the general public to accept, study, and research other cultures. In this way, the human race will be able to use the good parts of other cultures to live in a more peaceful and meaningful way.

Chinese Qigong is part of traditional Chinese medical science. It has brought the

Chinese thousands of years of calm, peace, and happiness. I believe that this brilliant part of Chinese culture will especially help Westerners in the spiritual part of their training. Further publications must be encouraged. Wide scale scholastic and scientif ic research must be conducted, especially by universities and medical organizations. In this way, we will be able to introduce this new culture to the Western world in a short time.

I predict that the study of Chinese medical science and internal, meditative

Qigong will attain great results in the next decade. I invite you to join me and become a pioneer of this new field in the Western world.


When you study this book, there are a few things which you should know: The major part of this book is compiled from many documents acquired from many sources. These documents are explained or commented upon, based on my per sonal Qigong knowledge and experience. Therefore, during the course of study, you should remain open-minded, and also refer to other related books. In this case, your mind will not be restricted to a small domain of Qigong study.

The main sources of the documents used in this book are: The Real Manuscript ofYi fin ]ing (Zhen Ben Yi Jin Jing, •-*-� ��).This document was revealed by Mr. Jiang, Zhu-Zhuang ( �# � ), having been passed down secretly by his ancestors. Later, the same document was found in a manuscript stored in the "Tower of Fragrance" (HaFen Lou, iio3Ht ), which is a Daoist organization. After these two versions were compared and

About This Book edited, the document was published in the book Chinese Shen Gong, (Zhong Guo Shen Gong, 'I' lfl # ,:}J ), VtJl 1, by Gong Jian Lao Ren ( �--,t A.) (which

Zhen Di, 'I' !fli>l:.lt.l'/Jk�A.t ). This document was published by Mr. Qiao,

means "Humbly Studious Old Man"). The Real Meaning of the Chinese Xi Sui Gong (Zhong Guo Xi Sui Gongfu Zhi Chang-Hong ( •-&:!kr. ). Comparing this document with the previous one, it is evident that even though some training methods are slightly different, the

theory and the training principles remain the same. Other excerpts of documents which have been collected in the book: Chinese Shen Gong, VtJl. 1, by Gong Jian Lao Ren. In the last fifteen years, in addition to the many books which reveal Qigong training secrets, there is a twenty-one volume Qigong series published by Gong Jian Lao Ren. This name, which is clearly a pseudonym, means Humbly Studious Old Man. His real identity is unknown. All we know about him is that, since his family is rich, he was able to purchase or collect many documents, which he compiled and published. The above two sources are also listed in his first volume. Many other individual documents and exercises, such as the Wai Dan Grand Circulation exercises, which I learned from my masters or collected over the last twenty-four years.

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