ICIPE2014 - program

ICIPE2014 - program

ICIPE 2014ICIPE 2014

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Monday, May, 12 8:0 – 15:0Registration, Novotel Hotel 3 16:0 – 18:0 Opening Ceremony, Krzysztofory Palace 1, Market Square

Ireneusz Szczygieł, ICIPE 2014 Chair – Opening remarks Ryszard Białecki, Vice Rector of SUT – Presentation of the Silesian University of Technology Andrzej Szlęk, Director of ITT – Presentation of the Institute of Thermal Technology

Opening Keynote Lectures session, Chair: R.A. Białecki James Beck Inverse Heat Conduction Problem: Insights from scaled sensitivity coefficients, digital filter coefficients and intrinsic verification Oleg Alifanov Inverse Problems in Identification and Modeling of Thermal Processes: Theory and Practice.

18:0 – 20:0Technical Break: Sightseeing of the Cracow Market Underground 2 20:0 – 2:0 Get Together, Krzysztofory Palace, Market Square

1 Krzysztofory Palace, Market Square, http://www.mhk.pl/branches/krzysztofory-palace/map 2 Underground Cracow, http://www.mhk.pl/branches/rynek-underground 3 Novotel Hotel Cracow, http://www.novotel.com/gb/hotel-3372-novotel-krakow-centrum/index.shtml

Tuesday, May 13th, Novotel Hotel 3

9:0 – 9:45 Keynote lecture: Helcio R.B. Orlande Application of particle filters to some inverse problems in biomedical engineering, Chair: D.Maillet 9:45 – 10:00Coffee Break 10:0 – 12:0Technical Sessions: #1, Room A #2, Room B Chair: J. Beck Chair: A.J. Nowak

10:0 – 10:201. Alifanov O., Budnik S.A., Nenarokomov A.V., Netelev A.V., Yudin V.M.: Estimating of external heat flux for ablative thermal protection of spacecraft by inverse problems technique

1. Dolan K., Cattani F., Mishra D., Oliveira S.D., Ferreira C.A.S., Periago P.M., Aznar A., Fernandez P.S., Valdramidis V.P.: Estimation of microbial kinetic parameters under dynamic thermal processes targeting on the inactivation of Bacillus sporothermodurans spores

10:20 – 10:402. Bozzoli F., Cattani L., Rainieri S., Bazan F.S.V., Borges L.S.: Estimation of the local heat transfer coefficient in coiled tubes: comparison between tikhonov regularization method and gaussian filtering technique

2. Ivanova A.: Identification of the thermal conductivity coefficient as distributed parameter using least squares method

10:40 – 1:003. Colaco M., Alves C.J.S.: A Backward Reciprocity Function to Estimate Spatial and

Transient Unknown Heat Fluxes in Multilayered Composites using Non-Intrusive Measurements

3. Matine A., Boyard N., Jarny Y.: Estimation of effective thermal properties within heterogeneous periodic media according to a multi-scale approach. Edge effects analysis

1:0 – 1:204. Nenarokomov A., Dombrovsky L.A., Gritsevich I.V., Alifanov O.M., Budnik S.A.:

Identification of radiative heat transfer parameters in multilayer thermal insulation of a spacecraft

4. McMasters R.: Non-Destructive Testing of Materials Using Thermal Imaging

1:20 – 1:405. Ugron A., Kiss L.I., Bilodeau J.F., Guerard S.: Freeze profile identification in an aluminium reduction cell using thermal measurements 5. Alifanov O.M., Nenarokomov A.V., Nenarokomov K.A., Terentieva A.V., Titov D., Finchenko V. S.: Experimental-computational system for non-contact diagnostics of elastic materials

1:40 – 12:006. Najafi H., Woodbury K., Beck J.V., Keltner N.R.: A Filter Based Solution for Non-

Linear Inverse Heat Conduction Problems in Multi-Layer Medium 6. Campanaro G.V.V., Carollo L.F.S., Lima e Silva A.L.F., Metrevelle S.: Improvements and Error Analysis on the Different Heat Flux Intensity Method to Estimate Thermal Properties

12:0 – 13:0Lunch Break

13:0 – 15:0Technical Sessions: #3, Room A#4, Room B Chair: H.R.B OrlandeChair: K.Woodbury 13:0 – 13:201. Blum J., Auroux D., Nodet M.: A New Method for Data Assimilation: the Diffusive

Back and Forth Nudging Algorithm 1. Jing G., Matsumoto T., Yamada T., Takahashi T., Isakari H.: Identification of optimum topologies of heat conducting media in 2D using level set method and BEM

13:20 – 13:402. Stenger F., Anderssen R.S., Chow S.: Sinc convolution method for scattering problems with an unknown coefficient 2. Ni M.W., Kassab A., Divo E.: Automated Hybrid Singularity Superposition and Anchored Grid Pattern BEM Algorithm for the Solution of the Inverse Geometric Problem 13:40 – 14:003. Menshikov Y.: Inverse Problems of Synthesis: Basic Features3. Teixeira J.S., Stutz L.T., Knupp D.C., Neto A.S.: Application of a Continuum Damage

Identification Approach Using Time-Domain Response to Euler-Bernoulli Beams via Markov Chain Monte Carlo Method 14:0 – 14:204. Puel G., Aubry D.: Parameter identification of transient models with multiple time scales 4. Porta F., Zanella R., Cornelio A.: Accelerated gradient projection algorithm for sparse channel estimation: an application in underwater communications

14:20 – 14:405. Roberty N.: Coefficient parameter determination for the stationary anisotropic onevelocity Boltzmann transport equation 5. Ryfa A., Bialecki R.A.: Determination of the heat transfer coefficient for the free surface water jet

14:40 – 15:006. Skorik G.G., Vasin V.: Pressure/Rate Deconvolution Problem and Reconstruction of

Solution Satisfying to All A Priori Constraints 6. Shifrin E., Shushpannikov P.S.: Identification of a finite number of defects in an elastic body using boundary data

3 Novotel Hotel Cracow, http://www.novotel.com/gb/hotel-3372-novotel-krakow-centrum/index.shtml

15:0 – 15:15Coffee Break 15:15 – 17:15Technical Sessions: #5, Room A#6, Room B

Chair: N.RobertyChair: O.Alifanov

15:15 – 15:351. Fudym O., Battaglia J-L., Orlande H.R.B.: Thermal characterization of orthotropic composite materials from a bayesian estimation approach

1. Glatz T., Belhachmi Z., Scherzer O.: A Gradient Descent Method for Photoacoustic Imaging in Sound-Heterogeneous Media

15:35 – 15:552. Gharsalli L., Ayasso H., Duchene B., Mohammad-Djafari A.: Variational Bayesian inversion for microwave imaging applied to breast cancer Detection 2. Fernandes A.P., Guimares G.: IHCP Solution Using Analytical Heat Transfer Function

15:5 – 16:153. Hazanee A., Lesnic D.: A time-dependent coefficient identification problem for the bioheat equation 3. Huayamave V., Ceballos A., Divo E., Kassab A., Barkaszi S., Seigneur H.: Real-time POD-CFD Wind-Load Calculator for Photovoltaic (PV) Systems

16:15 – 16:354. Paruch M.: Numerical simulation of hyperthermia treatment - simultaneous identification of process control parameters 4. McMasters R.: Testing Extremely Small Samples Using the Flash Diffusivity Method

16:35 – 16:5. Rojczyk M., Ostrowski Z., Szczygieł I., Łaszczyk J., Nowak A.J.: Infant care bed natural convection heat transfer coefficient – measurements and estimation 5. Naetar W., Scherzer O.: Quantitative photoacoustic imaging with piecewise constant material parameters

16:5 – 17:156. Ilyin A.I., Kabanikhin S.I., Voronov D.: Numerical solutions of the inverse problem of pharmacokinetics 6. Perez H., Pidcock M.K., Sebu C., Sivanesan S.: 3D Image Reconstruction Algorithm for Electrical Impedance Tomography Data Collected on Planar Electrode Arrays

Wednesday, May 14th, Novotel Hotel 9:0 – 9:45 Keynote lecture: Jan Taler Monitoring of thermal stresses in pressure components using inverse heat conduction method, Chair Y.Jarny 9:45 – 10:00Coffee Break 10:0 – 12:0Technical Sessions: #7, Room A#8, Room B Chair: A.OberaiChair: J.Taler

10:0 – 10:201. Marzola A., de Monte F, Mishra D.: An Efficient Technique for Computing

Sensitivity Coefficients of Solid Materials for Thermal Property Measurements. 1. Bulińska A., Buliński Z.P., Popiołek Z.: Estimation of internal airflow pattern using inverse analysis and carbon dioxide concentration measurements

10:20 – 10:402. Hożejowska S., Maciejewska B., Poniewski M.: Trefftz functions for the modelling of two-dimensional temperature fields in flow boiling in a minichannel 2. Condaminet V., Delvare F., Choi D., Demailly H., Grignon C., Heddadj S.: Identification of aerodynamic coefficients of a projectile and reconstruction of its trajectory from partial flight data

10:40 – 1:003. Kubo S., Matsumoto Y., Ioka S.: Estimation of Inner Surface Temperature

History with Decaying Amplitude from Outer Surface Temperature History for Evaluating Thermal Fatigue Life

3. Dalarsson M., Norgren M.: Reconstruction of boundary perturbations in a coaxial model of a transformer Winding

1:0 – 1:204. Al-Khatib M.J., Maciąg A., Pawińska A.: The Trefftz functions in different methods of solving the direct and inverse problems for beam with variable stiffness 4. Pepper D., Rasmussen C., Fyda D.: A Meshless Method for Creating 3-D Wind Fields using Sparse Meteorological Data

1:20 – 1:405. Stryczniewicz W., Panas A.J.: The inverse heat conduction problem solution for a laser flash studies of a thin layer covered specimens 5. Mota de Sousa D., Roberty N.: Reconstruction of a characteristic source in a diffusiveadvective model

1:40 – 12:006. Vergnaud A., Perez L., Autrique L.: On-line monitoring of surfacic mobile heating sources 6. Wydrych J., Borsuk G., Dobrowolski B., Nowosielski G.: Numerical modelling of gasparticle countercurrent flow in the installation for clinker production

12:0 – 13:0Lunch Break 13:0 – 15:0Technical Sessions #9, Room A#10, Room B Chair: A. NenarokomovChair: D.Pepper

13:0 – 13:201. Esmaelzadeh R.: Flatness-based Reentry Guidance Using Inverse Problem

Approach 1. Silva L.G., Knupp D.C., Bevilacqua L., Galeao A.C.N.R., Neto A.: Inverse Problem in Anomalous Diffusion with Uncertainty Propagation

13:20 – 13:402. Frankel J.: New Observations and Extensions of the Nonlinear Inverse

Calibration Integral Equation Method for Aerospace Applications 2. Polydorides N., Delbary F.: Marine Electrical Imaging for Detecting Small Inhomogeneities

13:40 – 14:003. Maillet D., Andre S., Remy B., Al Hadad W.: Regularization using Truncated

Singular Value Decomposition for estimating the Fourier spectrum of a noised space distribution over an extended support

3. Silva R.M.G., Roberty N., Alves C. J.: Analytical Observability of Symmetric Star Shaped Sources for Modified Helmholtz Model

14:0 – 14:204. Majeed M., Laleg-Kirati T.M.: Cauchy Problem for Laplace Equation on a

Square Domain using Observers 4. Sever I.: Damping Estimation from Measured Random Vibration Response in Operation

14:20 – 14:405. Serov V.: Inverse backscattering Born approximation for magnetic Schrodinger operator 5. Przybyłek P., Szczepaniak R., Kucharczyk W., Rudzki R.: Analysis modelling capabilities ablative fire-proof properties of polymer fibre composites

14:40 – 15:006. Tregidgo H.: Improved Derivative Methods for Katsevich Reconstruction of

Helical Cone Beam Micro-CT 6. Tenenbaum R., Taminato F.O., Fernandes K.M.: Identification of rough impedance profile using ans improved acoustic wave propagation algorithm

15:0 – 15:15Coffee Break

15:15 – 17:15Technical Sessions: #1, Room A#12, Room B Chair: J.FrankielChair: M.Colaco

15:15 – 15:351. Dall Cortivo F., Chalhoub E.S., Campos Velho H.F., Kampel M.: Chlorophyll profile estimation in ocean waters by a set of artificial neural networks 1. Brito R. F., Carvalho S.R., Metrevelle S.: The Use of COMSOL and Inverse Problem Technique to Estimate the Heat Flux on a Cutting Tool

15:35 – 15:552. Dolan K., Gumudavelli V., Mishra D.K., Subbiah J., Thippareddi H., Velugoti

P.R., Froning G.: Inverse method to estimate microbial growth parameters under dynamic temperature conditions for Salmonella Enteritidis in egg yolk

2. Minar J.: Determination of a hydraulic permeability function in a porous media sample

15:5 – 16:153. Vabishchevich P., Vasil’ev V.I.: Computational algorithms for solving the coefficient inverse problem for parabolic equations 3. Rouquette S., Soulie F., Unnikrishnakurup S.: Gaussian heat flux parameters estimation during a GTAW operation

16:15 – 16:354. Yaparova N.: Mathematical modeling and regularized method for solving a parameter identification problem for measuring devices with self-check of eigenstate

4. da Silva C.P, Magalhaes E.S., Lima e Silva A.L.F., Metrevelle S.: An alternative approach to thermal analysis using inverse problems in aluminum alloy welding

16:35 – 16:5. Sumida I., de Campos Velho H.F., Luz E.F.P., Cruz R.V., Goes L.C.S.: MPCA for Flight Dynamics Parameters Determination

17:30Departure to Wieliczka Salt Mine4, Novotel Hotel

Sightseeing of the Salt Mine Banquet at Wieliczka Salt Mine, Haluszka Chamber5

4Wieliczka Salt Mine, http://www.wieliczka-saltmine.com/ 5 Haluszka Chamber, http://www.wieliczka-saltmine.com/events/chambers-at-your-disposal/jan-haluszka-chamber-i

Thursday, May 15th, Kossak Hotel6 9:0 – 9:45 Keynote lecture: Assad Oberai Biomechanical Imaging: Theory, Practice and Applications, Chair R.McMasters 9:45 – 10:00Coffee Break 10:0 – 12:0Technical Sessions: #13, Room A#14, Room B Chair: A.KassabChair: A.Neto

10:0 – 10:201. Balt B., Knas K., Slawinski K., Gandor M., Nowak W.: Heuristic approach to inverse analysis of brown coal drying within the electromagnetic mill 1. Adamczyk W., Białecki R.A., Kruczek T., Kozołub P.: Retrieving thermal conductivity of an isotropic and orthotropic materials by a nondestructive flash method

10:20 – 10:402. Borsuk G., Wydrych J., Dobrowolski B.: Numerical calculation of tertiary air duct in the cement kiln installation 2. Buliński Z., Orlande H.R.B.: Estimation of temperature dependent heat conductivity with Marcov Chain Monte Carlo method based on the integral information

10:40 – 1:003. Gandor M., Knas K., Slawinski K., Balt B., Nowak W.: Application of inverse analysis in electromagnetic grinding of brown coal for obtaining an optimal particle size distribution – a heuristic approach

3. Marin L., Karageorghis A., Lesnic D.: Regularized MFS–MPS solution of inverse boundary value problems in static planar thermoelasticity

1:0 – 1:204. Kuś W., Dziatkiewicz J.: Multicriteria identification of parameters in microscale heat transfer 4. Adamczyk W.P., Ostrowski Z., Białecki R.A., Kruczek T.: Retrieving thermal conductivity of the anisotropic material using Levenberg-Marquardt and POD techniques

1:20 – 1:405. Ma Erfang: Efficient Markov chain Monte Carlo sampling for electrical impedance tomography 5. Rauch Ł., Szeliga D.: Identification of multi element Statistically Similar Representative Volume Element

1:40 – 12:006. Wróbel J., Kulawik A.: Determination of the boundary conditions parameters for the welding process based on artificial neural network 6. Vlasov V.: An inverse problem for a weakly degenerate parabolic equation in a rectangular domain

12:0 – 12:10Coffee Break 12:10 – 12:50 Closing keynote lecture: Nenarokomov A.: Optimal experiment design with application to inverse problems, Chair V.Vasin 12:50 – 13:10Closing Ceremony 13:10 – 14:00Lunch

6 Kossak Hotel, http://www.hotelkossak.com/