334-2014 - accept - letter - technology - Revista RETERM

334-2014 - accept - letter - technology - Revista RETERM

Engenharia TÉRMICA

A research only ends when the results are published http://demec.ufpr.br/reterm ABCM – CGC 83431593/0001-78 RETERM ISSN: 1676-1790

José Viriato Coelho Vargas

Departamento de Engenharia Mecânica Universidade Federal do Paraná Centro Politécnico Caixa Postal 19011 81531-980 Curitiba - PR BRASIL Tel: + 5 41 3361-3307 Fax: + 5 41 3361-3129 E-mail: jvargas@demec.ufpr.br

Julio Cesar Costa Campos Departamento de Engenharia de Produção e Mecânica February 02, 2015 Universidade Federal de Viçosa Av. Peter Henry Rolfs, s/n - Campus Universitário Viçosa, MG – Brazil E-mail: julio.campos@ufv.br

Paper Submission Number: 334-2014 Paper: "EXPERIMENTAL ANALYSIS OF AN S809 AIRFOIL", by A. O. Gomes, R. F. Brito, H. M. P. Rosa, J. C. C. Campos, A. M. B. Tibiriça, and P. C. Treto

Dear author,

The Editorial Board of RETERM has completed the review process of the above-referenced paper, according to the scientific criteria of the journal. I am pleased to inform you that the paper has been accepted for publication in RETERM – Thermal Engineering in the Technology section.

RETERM is ranked as a B2 level journal in the CAPES-QUALIS system in the Interdisciplinary area.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing RETERM as your publishing medium.

Yours sincerely,

José Viriato Coelho Vargas Technical Editor of RETERM