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Now, more and more laser pointer and flashlights sold in the market are class IIIB with a power over 5mW. But when the laser directly penetrates into the eyes, there may be some damage. Especially to some high power laser pointers, diffuse light probably damage the eyes, the focus are more likely to ignite flammable materials. Therefore ultra powerful laser pointer are not a toy, not suitable for children. When operating high-power laser, wear special secure glasses would be safe, especially for the invisible laser. In a word, no matter how much power the laser power is, you need to avoid hitting into your eyes. Flashlight type of green laser, shaped like a normal flashlight, most use lithium batteries. With the laser pointer is different from larger and more convenient to heat and into the module, power is greater than the laser pointers, power, ranging from the tens to hundreds of mW, some even up to

1000mW (1W) or more. As part of the power of the laser pen flashlight more than 500mW, to industrial and laboratory grade (IV-class), so need to use extra care, it is best to wear safety glasses, but also to avoid laser direct to the skin (the laser can cause skin cancer), that's a easy Combustion products, but also to a safe place to prevent children get.

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