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HTPOW 3000mw Laser Pointer Ultra Powerful Green Laser Pointer Attacking Laser Pointers with a Key Switch and a Safety Interlock

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Overseas Rare Burning Lasers ,You Can Instantly Lighting A Match Point Burst Balloons!

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Where to buy all of our products are free shipping over $ 50! Safe and secure, we have a stock of high-end 3w laser pointer product! Unique specialty professional response, we will propose the best prices. We will provide the best Laser Pointer products and customer service 100% satisfaction to our customers. Lock and Secure As the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility. These powerful devices are not toys and are for adult use only, so we've built in cipher-locked SmartSwitch technology to give you full control over who can access your laser. Our Guarantees We guarantee delivery to every country in the world (except US, AU, CH, and NZ) or your money back. We guarantee your laser will be free from defects for a full year from the date of receipt. We guarantee a 30-day money back return policy.

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● ● ● Laser Pointer uses: ◆For remotely accurate indication of building or mining field goal, avoid approaching the danger zone.

◆Conference speakers, museum / exhibition grounds / Attractions commentator

◆Point burst balloons, point firecrackers, and instantly lit a match and funny cat

◆Outdoor lighting, indicating the remote target and send a distress signal.

◆For astronomy refers to the stars, you can accurately indicate the position of the stars.

◆ Military command can also be used, such as fires, floods and other emergencies. ★★★ 3000mw Green Laser Pointer technical parameters:

Name: Attacking Laser Pointers Material:Aviation aluminum Size :25 * 148 m Range up to: > 8000 m Focus mode:Fixed focus, continuous output point spot Laser class:Class 4 Switching module:Simple on / off switch with a permanent Special Feature:Waterproof Power:3000MW Color:Green Wavelength:532nm Warranty:2-year warranty Net weight:150 g Battery:2 * 18650 Use:Tourism, military, matches and burns, SOS signals. Operating Voltage:DC3.7V Working temperature:-10℃-35℃

What's in the box? 1X laser pointer 3000MW 1X laser safety glasses 5X cap (with attachments) 2x18650 battery 1x Charger

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laser pointer pen Features: ● 8000m Super powerful 3000MW Laser Pointer , bright beam and the distance.

● Adopt aviation aluminum alloy shell material, and built-in cooling device, very durable.

●Waterproof, moisture, abrasion resistance, particularly suitable for outdoor use.

● Focus and simple ON / OFF switch, easy to use.

● Complete accessories (including) - safety glasses, battery, charger.

● More stylish line design, more quality science and technology.

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Attacking Laser Pointers Description ● This 3000MW green laser much astronomers favor: it can manually adjust the focus, the beam is more obvious, for ultra-powerful laser pointer is very important in terms of security, we have a special security key. ● This 3w laser pointer wavelength 532 nm (red laser pointer wavelength 650nm, blue laser pen wavelength 405nm), which is the most easily recognizable to the naked eye visible wavelengths. ● Like all lasers, high-power laser pointer is easy to heat, so the continuous use time not too long, I suggest you continuous use time is not more than 30 seconds. ● 3000MW laser pointer is a very powerful laser pointer with beautiful green beam laser sword is very close!

● This green laser pointer is our most powerful laser. It is recommended that this laser pointer is suitable for outdoor refer stars, especially at night. Beam visible during the day, the brightness is slightly reduced, about 8 km. ● This is a compact size, it can be placed in the chest pocket, easy to carry.

● This high power green laser pointers with the highest level of quality to be exported to the rest of the world.

● Can be used as an ordinary flashlight, continuous lighting is long, try to connect to the battery, high-output, high stability, can be instantly ignited matches.

★★★ Laser for sale particular attention to: 1. Do not use the laser pointer to direct the eye, this may lead to blindness.

2. When you use the laser pointer make sure the battery positive and negative in the correct position. 3. Continuous use of time should not exceed 30 seconds. (This is not a flashlight). 4. Keep out of reach of children. 5. Remove the battery when not in use.

★★★ Our commitment: lasereshop.com is a reliable online stores. We will make every effort to meet the global demand for construction provides a huge number of Burning Lasers imported online store. We have seven departments - administration, quality, marketing, logistics, customer service, new product department, etc. sectors. The company has a high-quality fair trade policies, and customer service systems. In laserseshop.com, as a consumer, even if the purchase or trial, no time limit, and the region. Enjoy the "mouse clicks, all the ingredients in advance," Our goal is to meet all your needs.

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