• 1-150mw green laser pointer pen(green laser pen)

    1-150mw green laser pointer pen(green laser pen)

    This High power green laser pointers using two ordinary AAA batteries, is a high quality design that is perfect for a wide variety of applications.convenient and practical.Exotic laser pointer colors like blue violet draw more attention to your presentation.
    They are so powerful that you can see not just the dot but the laser light beam itself is visible. Their visibility makes them perfect for office presentations, construction sites and are even starting to be used in armature astronomy.

    Since 405NM wavelength laser (blue-violet light) is very dark, the light beam is basically not see, we show the effect of the light beam are plus smog after, if you need strong brightness laser, please buy green laser or red laser! But blue-violet light as indoor demo or instructions, for example PPT or sand table Demos are no problem! If you have red light or green PPT pen fatigued, then the 50mW 5 in 1 blue-violet laser pointer pen would be a good choice! Starry effect of Laser Pointer Green in the dim and Smoke-filled bar, the effect is very good!
    These savings are passed to you allowing us to offer high powered handheld blue-violet laser pointers with visible light beams for sale at everyday cheap discount prices. If you have any questions about the 5mw 405mm blue-violet laser light pointers we have for sale please let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you. We make it easy and affordable for you to get a small handheld high powered blue-violet laser pointer.

    Ultra Powerful Laser Pointer

    This 5 in 1 Red Laser Pen Pointer is very powerful laser pointer with 5 star caps. 5 caps can create 5 types of patterns as the photo shows. You can change every style of pattern by turning related cap around. This is a portable super-cool romance environment creator for party/bar/disco and so on.

    Due to its strong straight light, laser pens (pointers) are widely used in teaching, astronomy etc. Just push the button, then you will see striking light shoot. It is alright to point at any targets such as photos, PowerPoint, monitor etc. It may be the proferred choic for astronomy fans, laser fans.

    Stephen Bukucs, 40, of Portland, spoke at length Monday about his girlfriend's death from an epileptic seizure after years of declining health. Following the death, the former security guard said he withdrew from his friends and family, abused prescription painkillers for a back injury and developed what would become an unhealthy interest in the laser pointer.
    Laser Spaces Co., Ltd which is a professional Laser Manufacturer, established in 2002 by a group of Scientist and Engineers who are incorporating the lasted advanced optical, microelectronic and laser technology. We absorb in development, manufacturing and exporting of high quality Laser Pointer 10mW for years.
    Laser Space come up with a wide range of creative products as following:
    Green Laser Pointers:(532nm)
    1-150mw green laser pointer pen(green laser pen),30-150mw portable green laser pointers,50-200mw focusable green laser pointers,100-300mw waterproof green laser pointers,250-700mw high power green laser pointers.