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    This pointer is ideal if you consider excursions at night, allows you to generate a continuous line of laser that produces an effect saber so you can touch the laser astronomical estrellas.Puntero 500 Mw, ideal to aim for the stars, you can see the beam laser pointer in night.This you inlcuidas astronomical uses 2 AAA batteries, and a velvety box with excellent presentation.Dennis Robertson, MD, Mayo Clinic ophthalmologist, conducted investigations with a green laser pointer directed to the retina of the eye of a patient, the eye was scheduled for removal because of cancer. The green laser pointers layer of the retina, but did not cause a measurable decrease in the visual function of the patient's eye. Dr. Robertson believes that exposure because it could impair vision, however. It also warns of the potential dangers of high power green laser pointers. "With the use of laser pointers that are more powerful than five milliwatts, there is probably damage to the current view," he says. "Functional damage could occur within seconds."
    A Lasers pointer is a small device with a size ranging from a pen-like (or even smaller type Key), to an average-sized flashlight that emits a laser light, usually green or red and that is often used to indicate a specific point or place as day show only point of light when striking an opaque surface. Laser light is intense, therefore also the pointers is. Although they are only a few milliwatts of power, they are able to produce a high intensity beam of a millimeter in diameter.

    Using rechargeable lition, the beam can reach a distance of up to 50km !! ... Laser Laser class III puntador fine point and figures for 110 Volt Rechargeable filter effects, the more market potnte Forget 1000MW be buying batteries, this battery is rechargeable and bring your charger.
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    The GreenTor is presented in a superb aluminum case to 2015 Top Laser Pointer Series their protection and easy transportation with all its accessories. This 30mw laser is recommended that the outside and is ideal for astronomical use, its beam is visible especially at night. Its beam is also visible during the day, when the brightness is reduced légèrement.laser powerful 30mw is enjoyed by many of our clients.et you? Powerful laser that interests you? Professional 300mW green laser with battery and charger, Covered with a genuine aluminum alloy, fine pointer is durable and makes it soft durable.Artesanía para.Hay a switch installed in the tail; and a lanyard makes it portable. Moreover, its range of light as far as 3000 is perfect for teachers metros.Es, teachers, doctors, managers, engineers and others. The green laser pointer with rotating tip is one of the best accessories for presentations that are now on the market and is suitable for presentations in an illuminated room and outdoors. Of course, you can also use in the dark taking advantage of the light beam produced. This handy laser pointer has a rotating head that allows you to produce different effects for your presentations a success. However, you should be aware that this 20000mw laser pointer is not a toy and therefore, you must keep it out of reach of children.
    The laser beam seemed to originate in the Bronx, an area police flew helicopters that night. Thus police officers managed to locate the origin of the beam and recovered a laser pointer on the fridge Balaguer's apartment, located on the second floor in the Bronx. But the defendant refused at first to have consciously targeted aircraft. According to prosecutors, he later admitted that he had been the perpetrator.

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    A more powerful, longer range and greater intensity, with 5mW are reached easily 1000m.The red laser pointers not impress anyone, and a geek need to always be up to date. How about a green laser pointer? Sophisticated, rare and better than the Laser Pointer 10mW . That why it is better than the red pointer ?, well because the human eye more easily detected green light and a beam of light of this color will always look brighter. This laser pointer is very powerful and emits a beam of visible light at 100 meters (please make sure not to injure other people or animals).