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    3w laser pointer Modules: low power consumption pointer modules
    High power laser pointers is harmful to health, it is a cause of blindness, but the low-power blue laser are not harmful to health. Small power laser pointers typically use to highlight a place. These types of low-beam maker width laser pointer. This beam is invisible in a reasonably clean atmosphere. It is showing a point of light when it hits to surface.Some opaque high power laser pointers project a visible beam through the diffusion of dust particles or mist droplets along the beam path. More power and higher frequency lasers (green or blue) may have a visible beam even in the air due to Rayleigh scattering from air molecules, especially given the conditions in medium to low light. The research intensity distribution increases when thesis beams are viewed from angles near the beam axis. Search pointers, especially in the output
    http://www.lasereshop.com/green-laserpointer/p-27.htmlgreen light range, are used as pointers to astronomical objects for education, in the same way that general flashlights.High performance for multiple applications. High-quality Adjustable Focus Green Laser Pointer 3000mw 532nm cell after strict test is super stable, responsible for a long time continuous use output with fixed focus. The invisible laser beam of 532nm IR is applicable to solid-state pumping, medical treatment of surgery, beacons and illumination, free space communication, sources of green light, military bearing and so on.Design of powerful laser pointers security. Its special cooling system for metal heat sink, the standards of the FDA approval of high security designs are all effective safety devices to keep that light invisible 3000mw 532nm high power green laser in his stable and secure functioning after long working time continues.
    If the question is supposed to be how the light from a laser pointer can spread, the answer is that there is no limit, provided that the light is not absorbed or scattered away in the atmosphere. However, the beam area may become larger due to the divergence of the beam so that the intensity, for example on a screen will be reduced even if the overall power 5000mw laser remains constant. Consequently, an airline pilot looking in such a beam from an altitude of 10 km will not be disturbed by the remaining small intensity.The range of a laser pointer can also be understood as the maximum distance from which point on the screen can be seen. This kind of range is normally limited by the divergence of the beam, but by the overall optical power (outside the wavelength and the level of ambient light), since the issue is not the relatively minor discrepancy on the way the laser pointer on the screen, but the huge divergence of the scattered light on the way back. Therefore, someone standing next to the illuminated display could easily see where it is already barely perceptible to the position of the laser pointer.
    As the eye as well as a variety of astronomical excessive power risk toy laser pointer, laser fountain, laser 3000mw shielding film of water with a powerful 3000mw green laser. "Toy gun So many children in laser sight, lack of safety standards, leading to many children of laser eye injuries, but now the state should increase the sports management of spare parts, to strengthen the identity check the security warning to ensure that these products are not toys can damage a particular child should not allow children to play Class 1 laser products contain banned in a toy. Some parents bring their children to look at the big square laser water screen movie, the water park, we must remember, do not take your laser can go directly to the irradiation position, because the vast majority the water curtain film is a Class 4 laser output power laser products is much higher than a laser pointer, and the uncertain direction of the laser emission, it can effectively prevent the skin and eyes can flash the laser instantaneous damage. Today, the development of non-machine rapidly growing industry, demand for laser cutting equipment Cheap pointer has become increasingly urgent. So Dr. Light specially developed a laser cutter to resolve the status of supply and demand of pauvres.cutter 20mW Green laser Pointer Pen
    http://www.lasereshop.com/blue-laserpointer/p-31.htmladopts advanced mechanical system imported high precision to ensure stability and reproducibility of the cut, which makes the cutting of the product will not be easily damaged, but also help to improve work efficiency. laser cutting also highly accurate, easy to use, so that processors can now off, get high-precision products, but also conducive to sales.

    High power green laser pointers

    The strength of any green laser 200mw and therefore risk, is determined by the amount of energy it returns, typically measured in milliwatts. In the US, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires that all products are 5 milliwatts or less, and some cheap laser pointers have a power output of less than 1 milliwatt. However, you can also Google "cheap laser pointer" and find a device 5 milliwatts for under $ 2. Since these laser pointers come from far foreign countries, they are often absent safety hazard stickers required by the FDA. Sometimes they are even miss a vital shield to protect from harmful infrared light to flee the pointer.The dangers of infrared light are only barely mortal at that level, however. Infrared light is the most dangerous because it is invisible to your eye blink reflex does not begin until the retina begins to burn. Even still, the burn would damage your vision, but it would not kill you. You would need a much more powerful 500mw green laser than 5 milliwatts to.