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    A high power laser can burn things because the beam is extremely concentrated light and light energy can be absorbed by some objects and converted to heat.The burning ability of a laser depends on several factors.Laser Output Power: Higher power laser beams burn things more easily and faster.Laser Beam Width: A thinner laser beam always burn things better than a wider laser beam.Object Color: Dark colored objects normally absorb more light energy so they are easier to burn than light colored objects that sometimes do not absorb light energy.Immobile: A moving laser beam does not give the object enough time to absorb light energy. The laser beam dot needs to keep still on the object for several seconds to make it burn.You may be asking why a shoddy laser pointer can have a power of 200mW but be less bright than a 50mW dragonlaser. Here is the trick. As we just said, these laser pointers give out a lot of infrared light which you can't see making them less bright. Laser power meters however cannot distinguish between green light and infrared light. The 200mW power level of a shoddy laser pointer 100mw will normally be made up of mostly infrared light. For example a combination 25mW green (532nm) and 175mW infrared (808nm). A 50mW dragonlaser will be 50mW green with virtually no infrared.It is so nice to get exactly what you ordered-and even better than --This is a excellant pointer and is right on the specs--does everything claimed and more!! I was hesitant to order as I never get the power thats stated from other sites but I did and am I pleased--not only powerful but well designed-great balance--way good price-and the delivary time was 10 days quicker than the others!!!Time to brush up on morse code and order more!! !
    Some customers are attracted to shoddy lasers because they use high powered rechargeable batteries. The secret of laser technology depends on many things but one of them IS NOT batteries. A shoddy laser pointer with high powered batteries still gives out a weak green beam.A laser pointer or laser pen is a small portable device with a power source (usually a battery) and a laser emitting a very narrow coherent low-powered beam of visible light, intended to be used to highlight something of interest by illuminating it with a small bright spot of colored light.Safety Class: Visible laser pointers (400–700 nm) operating at less than 1 mW power are Class 2 or II, and visible laser pointers operating with 1–5 mW power are Class 3A or IIIa. Class 3B or IIIb lasers generate between 5mW and 500 mW, Class 4 or IV lasers generate more than 500 mW. Warning: Astronomy laser pointer if aimed at a person's eyes can cause temporary disturbances to vision. There is some evidence of rare minor permanent harm, but low-powered laser pointers are not seriously hazardous to health. They may be a major annoyance in some circumstances. A dot of light from a red laser pointer may be thought to be due to a laser gunsight, causing outrage and possible danger. When pointed at aircraft at night, laser pointers may dazzle and distract pilots.
    The manufacturer contacted Amazon as well as FDA about their concerns. As of late January 2013, Amazon had not responded. Therefore, they sent the information to us, in the hope that the general public would be able to know of the potential hazard from these Amazon-sold lasers.The manufacturer’s testing procedures were also reviewed by a U.S. government expert in testing laser pointers. He said that the detector is a large area, high power thermopile which may have some inaccuracies when testing low-power devices. However, his own experience leads him to state that “it is very nice data to see” and it does correlate with what he had found about overpowered laser pointers.However we see a lot of extremely low priced laser pointer 3000mw products that are sold on Amazon. We strongly suspected that many of the lasers being sold very cheaply on Amazon could not possibly meet the FDA regulation and in fact are extremely dangerous to the consumer. Therefore we brought some of them to do test and what we found was far beyond what we even originally suspected. Please refer the attached test report for specific test data results.A shoddy laser pointer is completely different from a genuine dragonlasers GLP, the Laser diode, crystal, lens...every component is different. Shoddy green laser pointers can usually only work for 30 to 50 hours before burning out and becoming useless.The only advantage in buying a shoddy green laser pointer is that they are sold with beautiful carrying case. The problem with these boxes is that they are imitation "Parker Pen" boxes that are designed for pens not laser pointers.
    This 200mW burning green laser pointer is powerful and cheap. You may find the similar shapes, but this one is made of the best laser diode. It can be working for a long time, and you can use it for years. It's true high power laser , true power and reasonable price.Never stare directly at the laser beam.Please keep out of reach of children.Do not drop the laser pointer on hard surface;it damages the pointer components and causes a malfunction.This high-end optic product must be handled with care.Battery Installation:While inserting the batteries ALWAYS point the laser emission hole away from your eye.Unscrew the pen clip from the pen. Insert batteries positive end upward and tightly screw the pen clip.Presss the push button to turn it on.Release the push button to shut if off automatically.Operating temperature: 15-35 degree.This pointer is not designed for long-term use.Constantly turning on will return accumulation of high temperature and sacrifice the lifetime of laser diode. Its a great laser for the price, it will burn holes through black plastic bags and the beam is highly visible at night. The beam dot is highly visible in the day time so it works great for pointing things out to people when your outside on field trips. I am very happy with this company I had no problems with my order and it arrived on time. I will definitely use this company for any future purchases.

    The color of a laser beam is determined by the wavelength of the light given out by the laser diode in the laser pointer. Our laser pointers ONLY give out green light. Green light is the most visible color to the human eye. This makes the beam from our laser pointers very bright with a spectacular vivid green color. Shoddy green laser pointers on the other hand do not just give out green light, they also give out infrared light. Infrared light cannot be seen by the human eye so the beam from these shoddy green dot Laser Sights is not as bright as it should be and is also very dangerous.We have come across many complaints online from buyers all over the world about shoddy green lasers pointers. In order to help customers understand the dangers of shoddy laser pointers and clear up some misunderstandings, we've listed below information on shoddy laser pointers.A genuine green laser pointer has an infrared filter inside that blocks infrared light. Shoddy laser pointers have had this filter removed. Without this filter, these laser pointers are very dangerous. You can damage your eyes and not even be aware of it until to late.So if you have a high powered laser pointer that is not bright, please destroy it immediately because it is dangerous to your health.Another problem with shoddy laser pointers is their shell. Their shell is commonly made out of normal metal or even plastic. A high powered DPSS laser module generates a lot of heat. If shell is made out of poor quality material, the heat from the laser can not be released and will build up inside very quickly. This will cause the laser to burn out and be destroyed. The shell for dragonlasers is made from a special metal alloy. When a 95mW Dragon GLP has been working for 60 seconds, your hand can feel the heat been released from the shell as the laser is kept cool.http://www.lasereshop.com/green-laserpointer/p-16.html

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