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    with burning laser pointers and at distances of hundreds to thousands of meters

    This easily accessible, low-cost laser pointer can be used maliciously or accidentally to illuminate cockpits of aircraft (at takeoff and landing) or helicopters (in urban areas). When a cockpit is illuminated by a green laser pointer, the crew could suffer from any of the four potential impacts and associated risks:Cheap laser pointers with more than 0.5 mW of power set can be easily bought in corner stores or electronics stores. As Class 3R laser devices, these so-called low-power pointers are available for general sale and use recommendations "to avoid exposure to the beam." The popular laser pointer 2000mw his DPSS (diode-pumped solid state) devices often consisting of a neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum vanadate (Nd: YVO4) laser at 1064 nm, pumped through a 808 nm diode laser and frequency-doubled by a potassium titanyl phosphate (KTP) crystal, the wavelength halving of the execution of the desired 532-nm green light. The power ratio of the 532- to 808-nm and 1064-nm radiation is from about 1: 3: 9. To the pump light (808 nm) and residual nondoubled 1064-nm light is prevented to leave the devices, they are designed to be a near include IR-cut filter.In aviation environments in which the reported incidents have dominated, most attacks happen at night, with DIY Laser Engraving Machine and at distances of hundreds to thousands of meters. Because these attacks occur near the ground (takeoff, landing and taxi, fixed-aircraft) and in urban environments, pilots do not need to wear glasses during their flight, increasing susceptibility to weight / comfort problems. Solutions for this environment must provide a safe and continuous operation of the aircraft through an elimination of the effects of the startle response, glare and flash blindness, while not the ability to instrument controls, indicators and ground lighting reading compromise. This puts a premium on high transmittance with moderate and narrow laser block retain excellent color discrimination.In the new campaign are citizens seeking information on a laser incident or have seen someone shining a laser pointer at an aircraft called the emergency number 911 or call the local FBI office. There is special equipment designed for schools that can put this on their own website and social networks, to warn as students.
    The nature of the attack suggests to show at least that the attacker acted very specific and carefully planned and it is not a spontaneous "Stupid Boy String". To this already speaks the selection of light color, blinded by Akinfeev Green.Evolution has set up green laser pointer 500mw for the human eye to the color green is ten times more sensitive than the other colors of the visible light spectrum. If the attacker then a red laser pointer uses the same power, the effect to be achieved would have been ten times weaker. This is close to the planned action.At each laser pointer, the first very fine beam with increasing distance enlarges more and more. In most of the commercially available laser pointers, the light spot per meter of propagation is larger by a millimeter.This is the most powerful laser pointer buy laser, very cool design and high performance. All accessories are included goggles, safety key, Caps, 18650 batteries, 10000mw laser pointer , all paid at once, no need for additional cost. As an extremely green laser pointer 10000mw has this green laser pointer has been approved by the severity aging test, longevity and 2 year warranty. Housing made of aircraft aluminum, surface treatment, non-slip rubber coating, very easy to handle. You can move the focus, matches and cigarette burn directly (if the cap is removed). Cap look for star, very bright and beautiful, to make more fun. All our powerful laser pen 10000mw in stock available in Europe and America (24h delivery).The FBI involves shining a laser pen on tackling aircraft, whereby rewards of $ 10,000 are offered for tips that people can be arrested who have been found guilty of this. In 2013 there was an "attack" reported with a laser pointer almost 4,000 times.The actual number is probably much higher. "Pointing lasers at aircraft in the air poses a serious safety risk to anyone on board," said a spokesman for the association of airline pilots. Since 2012 it is a criminal offense in the US to shine a laser pointer at an aircraft. Who here is guilty can be imprisoned for up to 5 years.


    The headlines to see a small example to illustrate the growing occurrence and impact of the laser - pointer attacks. Laser Safety Initiative, the Federal Aviation Administration's listed 3482 reported incidents of pilots in US airspace in 2012 alone. No actual accidents are toegeschreven laser - pointer attacks, but the glare associated with these attacks on airplanes dangerous distraction cause or, in some cases, temporary blindness - jeopardizing crew, passengers and grondpersoneel and vision of the attacked .Helaas, the laser pointers that are responsible for these incidents are cheap, readily available and, up to now, legal for purchase. Although marketed as a tool to be used as burning laser pointers for presentations or for highlighting of astronomical objects in the night sky, is a combination of accidental abuse and malicious abuse of this technology into a potentially dangerous weapon. Legislation is being considered and implemented, but it is unlikely to eliminate the availability of these devices, especially from online sources. Available safety glasses blocks laser pointers, but it can compromise the visibility in general, sacrificing the ability to discern critical illumination and displays. http://www.lasereshop.com/green-laserpointer/p-27.htmlHowever, new developments in thin - film coatings on glass and plastic optics allow solutions that selectively reflect light ve or more laser pointers while high transmission and good color discrimination in the media.Incorrect use, the pointer is considered "weapons." For example, it is considered wise to a pedestrian or a vehicle occupation as "assault and battery" to get at least immediately seized genomen.Unlabeled, uniforms and abuse laser "contraband" and seized. 18 'may no power except under the pointer [guardian] the direct supervision of the possession and use of lasers, as well as responsibility for their abuse by the possible consequences."

    The green laser pointer 200mW anodized aluminum manufacturing process scale strength is very high, the halogen lamp life is about 2000 hours with adjustable mirrors and super heat-resistant lens, when the handle is not burned can also toggle feature between various exposure mode with different handle situations the most important question in the field of ignition such as matches or lighter than using the more simple. Since the brightness is too high, so the heat is quite high, after the cap was dazzling mirror collected immediately, triggering instant piece of papyrus grilled beef, if you wish, you can also use it for cooking eggs.Laser Pointer this tradition is no longer the traditional products through N years of evolution "Star Wars" Jedi inner periphery now has more backward and become similar to a lightsaber. Before the laser pen 303 may have seen a lot of light, including wholesale laser pointer features.Lumen 5000 is what concept? Lumen is the unit of luminous intensity, standard incandescent bulbs only 340 lumens, easy to adopt a projector, typically only about 2000 lumens projector with one moment to the very hot as there is no fan, an estimated initial spontaneous combustion! In the cinema, the kind of professional digital projectors see only about 10,000 lumens. Thus, the 5000 lumen laser pointer 500mW, which really has a "killer"!

    Beginning of the game, is the country's Tiananmen Yang Zhi escorted by taking the green laser light, the picking was, was irradiated with a laser pointer from the stands. To this end Yang Zhi complaining Enomoto wood a celebration of the complaints, and the referee stopped the game short-lived. In fact, Beijing and Tianjin battle right temporary substitute arbitrator, the Match Referee Jones by Australian referee Enomoto Japanese wood replaces a feast, and a laser pointer event began this conflict.In this situation, I call the 12315 Consumer Complaint Board. Staff said that the current rules do not prohibit the sale of the green laser pointer 3000mw on the market. For the people on the tour operators and online shopping sales of low quality as laser pointer, the staff said that if consumers feel businesses for sale in the buying process is substandard products, announce the 12 315 complaints.East exposure at the party after the business understand and communicate relevant authoritative institution, put our country on the " 300mw green laser" in cases related quality standards. Night, contact with the surface 10 commodities market organizers, in accordance with the requirements of the market and the business sense of Article 19 of the revised provisions of the "People's Republic of China Consumer Protection Law", "may cause harm to the personal security "the" laser pointer "were left to sell.

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